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Poster of If You Are Right

If You Are Right

Release Date: Thursday, March 19 1964 (58 years ago)
Portrait of Stanislav LyubshinStanislav Lyubshin
Stanislav Lyubshin was:
Portrait of Zhanna BolotovaZhanna Bolotova
Zhanna Bolotova was:
Portrait of Aleksei KrasnopolskiyAleksei Krasnopolskiy
Galya's grandfather
Aleksei Krasnopolskiy was:
Portrait of Galina SokolovaGalina Sokolova
Galina Sokolova was:
Portrait of Gennady SayfulinGennady Sayfulin
Gennady Sayfulin was:
Portrait of Anatoliy VolkovAnatoliy Volkov
neighbour in the Dorm
Anatoliy Volkov was:
Portrait of Valentin GrachevValentin Grachev
Valentin Grachev was:
Portrait of Dmitriy ShutovDmitriy Shutov
political prisoner
Dmitriy Shutov was:
Portrait of Ivan LapikovIvan Lapikov
Ivan Lapikov was:
Portrait of Grigoriy LyampeGrigoriy Lyampe
Grigoriy Lyampe was:
Portrait of Mikhail LvovMikhail Lvov
accountant at the mine
Mikhail Lvov was:
Portrait of Viktor ShcheglovViktor Shcheglov
Nikolai Ivanovich
Viktor Shcheglov was:
Portrait of Nikolai KovshovNikolai Kovshov
Nikolai Kovshov was:
Portrait of Pyotr VishnyakovPyotr Vishnyakov
Aleksei's father
Pyotr Vishnyakov was:
Portrait of Boris ArdovBoris Ardov
Boris Ardov was:
Portrait of Oleg VidovOleg Vidov
Aleksei's brother
Oleg Vidov was:
Portrait of Natalya GitserotNatalya Gitserot
Natalya Gitserot was:
Portrait of Nelli GlebovaNelli Glebova
telephone operator
Nelli Glebova was:
Portrait of Aleksandra DanilovaAleksandra Danilova
Aleksei's aunt
Aleksandra Danilova was:
Portrait of Ivan KashirinIvan Kashirin
Konstantin Lukich
Ivan Kashirin was:
Portrait of Lyubov KalyuzhnayaLyubov Kalyuzhnaya
Lyubov Kalyuzhnaya was:
Portrait of Gennadi KrynkinGennadi Krynkin
Gennadi Krynkin was:
Portrait of Lidiya KorolyovaLidiya Korolyova
telephone operator
Lidiya Korolyova was:
Portrait of Oksana LevinsonOksana Levinson
telephone operator
Oksana Levinson was:
Portrait of Olga MarkinaOlga Markina
telephone operator
Olga Markina was:
Portrait of Valentin PechnikovValentin Pechnikov
telephone operator
Valentin Pechnikov was:
Portrait of Nikolai RomanovNikolai Romanov
Mikhail Abramovich
Nikolai Romanov was:
Portrait of Nikolai SmirnovNikolai Smirnov
Alevtina's husband
Nikolai Smirnov was:
Portrait of Pavel TarasovPavel Tarasov
Pavel Tarasov was:
Portrait of Viktor TulchinskyViktor Tulchinsky
Viktor Tulchinsky was:
Portrait of Viktor UralskyViktor Uralsky
Viktor Uralsky was:
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