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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Lies Between Friends

Lies Between Friends

Release Date: 2010-07-31 (10 years ago)
Gabrielle Anwar
Joss Jenner
Gabrielle Anwar was:
Thea Gill
Cait Randell
Thea Gill was:
Craig Sheffer
Sheriff Zach Tom Watts
Craig Sheffer was:
Susan Hogan
Rebecca Read
Susan Hogan was:
Venus Terzo
Dr. Stephanie Johnson
Venus Terzo was:
Sarah-Jane Redmond
Laura Holmes
Sarah-Jane Redmond was:
Kurt Evans
Keith Holmes (as Kurt Evens)
Kurt Evans was:
Tyler Roope
Kevin Holmes
Tyler Roope was:
Anne Openshaw
Wendy Heaton
Anne Openshaw was:
John Newton
Doug Hardy
John Newton was:
Carrie Genzel
Beth Hardy
Carrie Genzel was:
Aidan Jarrar
Trent Hardy
Aidan Jarrar was:
Françoise Robertson
Marti Halvern
Françoise Robertson was:
Roman Podhora
Roman Podhora was:
Daniel Arnold
Deputy Ford
Daniel Arnold was:
Andrew McIlroy
Mr. Mindren
Andrew McIlroy was:
Barry Bowman
Barry Bowman was:
L. Harvey Gold
Mr. Whitney
L. Harvey Gold was:
Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton was:
Joshua Kalef
Photographer (as Josh Kalef)
Joshua Kalef was:
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