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ActorAgeCheck is a free service that allows you to quickly view the age of an actor/actress along with their age in a specific movie (it's important to note that the age of a person in a particular movie is based on the movies release date, and may not represent the actual filming date).

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Our database is powered by the most powerful people on the planet. Studies show that 60% of the time, our search works every time.

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It's definitely not perfect, and I'm always working to improve the site. If you see a bug, please email me below.

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It's much prettier... and faster! In addition to a new design, everything is served through the cloud and cached to speed up image loading. Send your feedback! [email protected]

ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

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Release Date: Monday, May 28 2012 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Keke PalmerKeke Palmer
Kadee Worth
Keke Palmer was:
Portrait of Max SchneiderMax Schneider
Charlie Prince
Max Schneider was:
Portrait of Isaiah MustafaIsaiah Mustafa
Reginal Worth
Isaiah Mustafa was:
Portrait of Avan JogiaAvan Jogia
Avan Jogia was:
Portrait of Drake BellDrake Bell
Drake Bell was:
Portrait of Burkely DuffieldBurkely Duffield
Lloyd McGowens
Burkely Duffield was:
Portrait of Robert MoloneyRobert Moloney
Arthur McGowens
Robert Moloney was:
Portrait of Keenan TraceyKeenan Tracey
Andrew McGowens
Keenan Tracey was:
Portrait of Devon WeigelDevon Weigel
Devon Weigel was:
Portrait of Christina SicoliChristina Sicoli
Christina Sicoli was:
Portrait of Zak SantiagoZak Santiago
Zak Santiago was:
Portrait of Tracy SpiridakosTracy Spiridakos
Tracy Spiridakos was:
Portrait of Carlena BritchCarlena Britch
Carlena Britch was:
Portrait of Terence KellyTerence Kelly
Terence Kelly was:
Portrait of Tom PickettTom Pickett
Tom Pickett was:
Portrait of Nick CannonNick Cannon
Nick Cannon was:
Portrait of Luisa d'OliveiraLuisa d'Oliveira
Luisa d'Oliveira was:
Portrait of Niki WipfNiki Wipf
Teen Fan
Niki Wipf was:
Portrait of Travis TurnerTravis Turner
Rapper (uncredited)
Travis Turner was:
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