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Poster of Friend Zone

Friend Zone

Release Date: Friday, July 3 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Gorka OtxoaGorka Otxoa
José María 'Txema'
Gorka Otxoa was:
Portrait of Sabrina GarciarenaSabrina Garciarena
Sabrina Garciarena was:
Portrait of Julián LópezJulián López
Julián López was:
Portrait of Óscar LadoireÓscar Ladoire
Uncle Jaime
Óscar Ladoire was:
Portrait of Kiti MánverKiti Mánver
Kiti Mánver was:
Portrait of María AsquerinoMaría Asquerino
Mrs. Begoña
María Asquerino was:
Portrait of Bárbara Santa-CruzBárbara Santa-Cruz
Bárbara Santa-Cruz was:
Portrait of Michel BrownMichel Brown
Michel Brown was:
Portrait of Teresa Hurtado de OryTeresa Hurtado de Ory
Girl at Disco
Teresa Hurtado de Ory was:
Portrait of Pilar GilPilar Gil
Pilar Gil was:
Portrait of Mauro MuñizMauro Muñiz
Mauro Muñiz was:
Portrait of Maribel SalasMaribel Salas
Maribel Salas was:
Portrait of Fernando MikeljáureguiFernando Mikeljáuregui
College Professor
Fernando Mikeljáuregui was:
Portrait of Ernesto SevillaErnesto Sevilla
Cousin #1
Ernesto Sevilla was:
Portrait of Borja EchevarríaBorja Echevarría
Cousin #2
Borja Echevarría was:
Portrait of Alfonso TorregrosaAlfonso Torregrosa
Police Commissioner
Alfonso Torregrosa was:
Portrait of Santi UgaldeSanti Ugalde
Cleaning Worker
Santi Ugalde was:
Portrait of Borja PérezBorja Pérez
Airport Security Guard
Borja Pérez was:
Portrait of Tomás CimadevillaTomás Cimadevilla
Fisherman #1
Tomás Cimadevilla was:
Portrait of Jon AriñoJon Ariño
Ship Captain
Jon Ariño was:
Portrait of Txubio Fernández de JáureguiTxubio Fernández de Jáuregui
'El Puma'
Txubio Fernández de Jáuregui was:
Portrait of Ana CobeagaAna Cobeaga
Ana Cobeaga was:
Portrait of María UrzelaMaría Urzela
Documentary Girl
María Urzela was:
Portrait of Cosme GumulioCosme Gumulio
Documentary Boy
Cosme Gumulio was:
Portrait of Francisco Javier Bon GermadeFrancisco Javier Bon Germade
Documentary Waiter
Francisco Javier Bon Germade was:
Portrait of José María del RíoJosé María del Río
Documentary Spanish Narrator (voice)
José María del Río was:
Portrait of Anton PavlioukAnton Pavliouk
Documentary Russian Narrator (voice)
Anton Pavliouk was:
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