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Poster of Zatoichi at Large

Zatoichi at Large

Release Date: Saturday, January 15 1972 (50 years ago)
Portrait of Shintarō KatsuShintarō Katsu
Shintarō Katsu was:
Portrait of Rentaro MikuniRentaro Mikuni
Boss Tetsugoro
Rentaro Mikuni was:
Portrait of Hisaya MorishigeHisaya Morishige
Constable Tobei
Hisaya Morishige was:
Portrait of Etsushi TakahashiEtsushi Takahashi
Etsushi Takahashi was:
Portrait of Naoko ÔtaniNaoko Ôtani
Naoko Ôtani was:
Portrait of Osamu SakaiOsamu Sakai
Osamu Sakai was:
Portrait of Renji IshibashiRenji Ishibashi
Renji Ishibashi was:
Portrait of Katsutoshi AkiyamaKatsutoshi Akiyama
Katsutoshi Akiyama was:
Portrait of Shôki FukaeShôki Fukae
Shôki Fukae was:
Portrait of Tsutomu HashimotoTsutomu Hashimoto
Tsutomu Hashimoto was:
Portrait of Keizo KanieKeizo Kanie
Keizo Kanie was:
Portrait of Jun KatsumuraJun Katsumura
Rowdy horse puller
Jun Katsumura was:
Portrait of Kazuo MortuchiKazuo Mortuchi
Kazuo Mortuchi was:
Portrait of Shintarō NanjōShintarō Nanjō
Shintarō Nanjō was:
Portrait of Ken K. OkamotoKen K. Okamoto
Ken K. Okamoto was:
Portrait of Jun SatomiJun Satomi
Jun Satomi was:
Portrait of Sôji ShibataSôji Shibata
Sôji Shibata was:
Portrait of Shigako ShimegiShigako Shimegi
Dice thrower
Shigako Shimegi was:
Portrait of Takumi ShinjoTakumi Shinjo
Takumi Shinjo was:
Portrait of Nikaku Shōfukutei IIINikaku Shōfukutei III
Monkey trainer
Nikaku Shōfukutei III was:
Portrait of Reiji ShojiReiji Shoji
Duo performer husband
Reiji Shoji was:
Portrait of Utae ShojiUtae Shoji
Duo performer wife
Utae Shoji was:
Portrait of Osamu ÔkawaOsamu Ôkawa
Osamu Ôkawa was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Baby caretaker
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Jun ÔsugiJun Ôsugi
Jun Ôsugi was:
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