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Poster of Ugetsu


Release Date: Thursday, March 26 1953 (69 years ago)
Portrait of Machiko KyōMachiko Kyō
Lady Wakasa
Machiko Kyō was:
Portrait of Mitsuko MitoMitsuko Mito
Mitsuko Mito was:
Portrait of Kinuyo TanakaKinuyo Tanaka
Kinuyo Tanaka was:
Portrait of Masayuki MoriMasayuki Mori
Masayuki Mori was:
Portrait of Eitarō OzawaEitarō Ozawa
Eitarō Ozawa was:
Portrait of Sugisaku AoyamaSugisaku Aoyama
Old Priest
Sugisaku Aoyama was:
Portrait of Mitsusaburō RamonMitsusaburō Ramon
Captain of Tamba Soldiers
Mitsusaburō Ramon was:
Portrait of Ryōsuke KagawaRyōsuke Kagawa
Village Master
Ryōsuke Kagawa was:
Portrait of Kichijirô UedaKichijirô Ueda
Shop Owner
Kichijirô Ueda was:
Portrait of Shōzō NanbuShōzō Nanbu
Shintô Priest
Shōzō Nanbu was:
Portrait of Kikue MōriKikue Mōri
Kikue Mōri was:
Portrait of Ryūzaburō MitsuokaRyūzaburō Mitsuoka
Ryūzaburō Mitsuoka was:
Portrait of Ichirô AmanoIchirô Amano
Ichirô Amano was:
Portrait of Eigorô OnoeEigorô Onoe
Eigorô Onoe was:
Portrait of Saburo DateSaburo Date
Saburo Date was:
Portrait of Fumihiko YokoyamaFumihiko Yokoyama
Fumihiko Yokoyama was:
Portrait of Ichisaburo SawamuraIchisaburo Sawamura
Ichisaburo Sawamura was:
Portrait of Koji MurataKoji Murata
Koji Murata was:
Portrait of Yukio HorikitaYukio Horikita
Armored knight
Yukio Horikita was:
Portrait of Akira ShimizuAkira Shimizu
Armored knight
Akira Shimizu was:
Portrait of Shuntaro TamamuraShuntaro Tamamura
Armored knight
Shuntaro Tamamura was:
Portrait of Shirō OsakiShirō Osaki
Armored knight
Shirō Osaki was:
Portrait of Toshio ChibaToshio Chiba
Armored knight
Toshio Chiba was:
Portrait of Hachiro OkuniHachiro Okuni
Brothel armored knight
Hachiro Okuni was:
Portrait of Shirô MiuraShirô Miura
Brothel guest
Shirô Miura was:
Portrait of Hajime KoshikawaHajime Koshikawa
Hajime Koshikawa was:
Portrait of Tetsu MikamiTetsu Mikami
Brothel guest
Tetsu Mikami was:
Portrait of Jun FujikawaJun Fujikawa
Defeated soldier
Jun Fujikawa was:
Portrait of Takaji FukuiTakaji Fukui
Defeated soldier
Takaji Fukui was:
Portrait of Eiji IshikuraEiji Ishikura
Defeated soldier
Eiji Ishikura was:
Portrait of Tokurin TakedaTokurin Takeda
Defeated soldier
Tokurin Takeda was:
Portrait of Koji KandaKoji Kanda
Defeated soldier
Koji Kanda was:
Portrait of Masayoshi KikunoMasayoshi Kikuno
Chôhatsu's soldier
Masayoshi Kikuno was:
Portrait of Michio YuriMichio Yuri
Chôhatsu's soldier
Michio Yuri was:
Portrait of Sô FunagamiSô Funagami
Sô Funagami was:
Portrait of Shigeru HasegawaShigeru Hasegawa
Shigeru Hasegawa was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Keiko KoyanagiKeiko Koyanagi
Keiko Koyanagi was:
Portrait of Masako TomuraMasako Tomura
Masako Tomura was:
Portrait of Tokiko MitaTokiko Mita
Lady attendant
Tokiko Mita was:
Portrait of Tokuko UedaTokuko Ueda
Lady attendant
Tokuko Ueda was:
Portrait of Sachiko SomaSachiko Soma
Sachiko Soma was:
Portrait of Reiko KongōReiko Kongō
Old Woman in Brothel
Reiko Kongō was:
Portrait of Ikkei TamakiIkkei Tamaki
Ikkei Tamaki was:
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