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So Proudly We Hail

So Proudly We Hail

Release Date: 1943-09-09 (78 years ago)
Claudette Colbert
Lt. Janet 'Davy' Davidson
Claudette Colbert was:
Paulette Goddard
Lt. Joan O'Doul
Paulette Goddard was:
Veronica Lake
Lt. Olivia D'Arcy
Veronica Lake was:
George Reeves
Lt. John Summers
George Reeves was:
Barbara Britton
Lt. Rosemary Larson
Barbara Britton was:
Walter Abel
Walter Abel was:
Sonny Tufts
Sonny Tufts was:
Mary Servoss
Capt. "Ma" McGregor
Mary Servoss was:
Ted Hecht
Dr. Jose Bardia
Ted Hecht was:
John Litel
Dr. Harrison
John Litel was:
Hugh Ho Chang
Ling Chee
Hugh Ho Chang was:
Mary Treen
Mary Treen was:
Kitty Kelly
Kitty Kelly was:
Helen Lynd
Helen Lynd was:
Lorna Gray
Lorna Gray was:
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Adams was:
Ann Doran
Ann Doran was:
Jean Willes
Jean Willes was:
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker was:
Joan Tours
Lt. Margaret Stevenson
Joan Tours was:
Mimi Doyle
Mimi Doyle was:
James Bell
Col. White
James Bell was:
Dick Hogan
Flight Lt. Archie McGregor
Dick Hogan was:
Amparo Antenercruz
Filipino Nurse (Uncredited)
Amparo Antenercruz was:
Linda Brent
Filipino Nurse (Uncredited)
Linda Brent was:
Tom Coleman
Troop Ship Survivor (Uncredited)
Tom Coleman was:
Dimples Cooper
Filipino Nurse (Uncredited)
Dimples Cooper was:
Richard Crane
Georgie Larson (Uncredited)
Richard Crane was:
Boyd Davis
Colonel Mason (Uncredited)
Boyd Davis was:
Yvonne De Carlo
Girl (Uncredited)
Yvonne De Carlo was:
Eddie Dew
Captain Lawrence (Uncredited)
Eddie Dew was:
Edward Earle
Doctor (Uncredited)
Edward Earle was:
Julia Faye
Nurse (Uncredited)
Julia Faye was:
James Flavin
Captain O'Brien (Uncredited)
James Flavin was:
William Forrest
Major at San Francisco Dock (Uncredited)
William Forrest was:
Byron Foulger
Larson (Uncredited)
Byron Foulger was:
Bill Goodwin
Captain O'Rourke (Uncredited)
Bill Goodwin was:
Roy Gordon
Ship's Captain (Uncredited)
Roy Gordon was:
Chuck Hamilton
Soldier on Transport Ship (Uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton was:
Michael Harvey
Capt. Lawrence (Uncredited)
Michael Harvey was:
Frederic Henry
Ensign (Uncredited)
Frederic Henry was:
Elsa Janssen
Mrs. Larson (Uncredited)
Elsa Janssen was:
Hazel Keener
Nurse (Uncredited)
Hazel Keener was:
Victor Kilian Jr.
Corporal (Uncredited)
Victor Kilian Jr. was:
Charles Lester
Soldier (Uncredited)
Charles Lester was:
Richard Loo
Japanese Radio Announcer (Voice) (Uncredited)
Richard Loo was:
Jack Luden
Steward (Uncredited)
Jack Luden was:
Harold Miller
Soldier on Transport Ship (Uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
James Millican
Young Ensign (Uncredited)
James Millican was:
Frances Morris
Nurse (Uncredited)
Frances Morris was:
William H. O'Brien
Troop Ship Survivor (Uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Damian O'Flynn
Captain Saunders (Uncredited)
Damian O'Flynn was:
Hugh Prosser
Captain (Uncredited)
Hugh Prosser was:
Keith Richards
Troop Ship Officer with Binoculars (Uncredited)
Keith Richards was:
Fay Sappington
Thin Nurse (Uncredited)
Fay Sappington was:
Byron Shores
Doctor (Uncredited)
Byron Shores was:
Harry Strang
Major Arthur (Uncredited)
Harry Strang was:
Jan Wiley
Lieutenant Lynne Hopkins (Uncredited)
Jan Wiley was:
Hank Worden
Soldier on Troop Ship (Uncredited)
Hank Worden was:
Will Wright
Colonel Clark (Uncredited)
Will Wright was:
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