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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2013-03-15 (8 years ago)
Goran Visnjic
Raymond Saxx
Goran Visnjic was:
Kate del Castillo
Kate del Castillo was:
D. B. Sweeney
Lieutenant Johnson
D. B. Sweeney was:
Portia Doubleday
Portia Doubleday was:
Jason Mewes
Ben Shapiro
Jason Mewes was:
Tara Buck
Tara Buck was:
Tom Lister Jr.
Tom Lister Jr. was:
Billy Morrison
Billy Morrison was:
Cameron B. Stewart
Cameron B. Stewart was:
Luis Moncada
Luis Moncada was:
Lou Betty Jr.
Lou Betty Jr. was:
Ralph Cole Jr.
Ralph Cole Jr. was:
Markus Redmond
Markus Redmond was:
Sonya Eddy
Theresa Luna
Sonya Eddy was:
Michael Irby
Lieutenant Hernandez
Michael Irby was:
Michael Shamus Wiles
Captain Davis
Michael Shamus Wiles was:
Craig Owens
Ian Sheffield
Craig Owens was:
Tiffany Mulheron
Tia Saxx
Tiffany Mulheron was:
P. J. Byrne
P. J. Byrne was:
Paul Zies
Paul Zies was:
Chuck Ashworth
Sergeant Michaels
Chuck Ashworth was:
Matt Nable
Sergeant Villalobos
Matt Nable was:
Tim DeZarn
Cowboy Williams
Tim DeZarn was:
Franc Ross
Franc Ross was:
Ian Nelson
Rookie Stewart
Ian Nelson was:
Kristen Stewart
Ray's Secretary (voice)
Kristen Stewart was:
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