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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor

Release Date: 2016-09-16 (4 years ago)
Logan Miller
Logan Miller was:
Keir Gilchrist
Keir Gilchrist was:
James Caan
Harold Grainey
James Caan was:
Bailey Noble
Bailey Noble was:
Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart was:
Nik Dodani
Nik Dodani was:
Laura Innes
Laura Innes was:
Edwin Hodge
Officer Palmer
Edwin Hodge was:
Anne Dudek
Anne Dudek was:
Mindy Sterling
Mindy Sterling was:
Tamlyn Tomita
Heather Cromwell
Tamlyn Tomita was:
Dean Cameron
Defense Attorney
Dean Cameron was:
William Charles Mitchell
William Charles Mitchell was:
Billy Khoury
Billy Khoury was:
Ted King
Sean's Father
Ted King was:
Luke Spencer Roberts
Ted Spiegelman
Luke Spencer Roberts was:
Elyse Dinh
Reporter #1
Elyse Dinh was:
Hannah Elise Pilkington
Reporter 3
Hannah Elise Pilkington was:
Christina Alex
Court Stenographer
Christina Alex was:
Francesca Ling
Young Woman
Francesca Ling was:
Herbert Centeno
Court attendee / Paparazzi
Herbert Centeno was:
Leonel Claude
Court Attendee
Leonel Claude was:
Christopher Clausi
Court attendee
Christopher Clausi was:
Tonya Guadalupe
Court Attendee
Tonya Guadalupe was:
Joey Hartstone
Joey Hartstone was:
Fred Huguez
Jury Member
Fred Huguez was:
Kimbrey Jones
Jury Member
Kimbrey Jones was:
Kyle Mosonyi
Court Attendee
Kyle Mosonyi was:
Ela Necker
Sean's Mom
Ela Necker was:
Dennis Nicomede
Dennis Nicomede was:
Selena O'Sullivan
Selena O'Sullivan was:
Pablo Ramos
Court Attendee
Pablo Ramos was:
Mark Rossignol
Court spectator / press
Mark Rossignol was:
Elvira Safiulina
Elvira Safiulina was:
Katherine Stephens-Miller
Katherine Stephens-Miller was:
Terry Stroud
Court Attendee
Terry Stroud was:
Rudolph Whitcomb
Prosecution Attorney
Rudolph Whitcomb was:
Pamela Drake Wilson
Court Reporter
Pamela Drake Wilson was:
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