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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Only The Brave

Only The Brave

Release Date: 2006-10-23 (14 years ago)
Mark Dacascos
Sgt. Steve 'Zaki' Senzaki
Mark Dacascos was:
Jennifer Aquino
Grace Nakajo
Jennifer Aquino was:
Jeff Fahey
Lt. William Terry
Jeff Fahey was:
Gina Hiraizumi
Eleanor Takase
Gina Hiraizumi was:
Jason Scott Lee
Sgt. Glenn 'Tak' Takase
Jason Scott Lee was:
Emily Liu
Nancy Loo
Emily Liu was:
Pat Morita
Seigo Takata
Pat Morita was:
Ken Narasaki
Richard "Doc" Naganuma
Ken Narasaki was:
Lane Nishikawa
Sgt. Jimmy Takata
Lane Nishikawa was:
Yuji Okumoto
Sgt. Yukio 'Yuk' Nakajo
Yuji Okumoto was:
Tamlyn Tomita
Mary Takata
Tamlyn Tomita was:
Greg Watanabe
Private Freddy Watada
Greg Watanabe was:
Garret Sato
Corporal Richard 'Hilo' Imamura (as Garret T. Sato)
Garret Sato was:
Guy Ecker
Sgt. Robert King
Guy Ecker was:
Sharon Omi
Charlene Naganuma
Sharon Omi was:
Ehécatl Chávez
Father Jordan (as Ehecatl Chavez)
Ehécatl Chávez was:
Sara Shields
Renee Jordan
Sara Shields was:
Casey Koiwai
Johnny Nomura Jr.
Casey Koiwai was:
Jordan Nakahara
Betty Nomura
Jordan Nakahara was:
Ken Narasaki
Dr. Richard 'Doc' Naganuma
Ken Narasaki was:
Kenneth Choi
Pvt. Dave 'Bullseye' Fukushima (as Ken Choi)
Kenneth Choi was:
Michael Sun Lee
Pvt. Al 'Kauai' Nakamura
Michael Sun Lee was:
Kipp Shiotani
Corporal Johnny 'Nomu' Nomura
Kipp Shiotani was:
Ru Kumagai
Rosie Naganuma
Ru Kumagai was:
Takayo Fischer
Mrs. Nakajo
Takayo Fischer was:
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