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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud

Release Date: 1998-10-30 (22 years ago)
Holly Hunter
Judith Moore
Holly Hunter was:
Danny DeVito
Pat Francato
Danny DeVito was:
Queen Latifah
Liz Bailey
Queen Latifah was:
Martin Donovan
Robert Nelson
Martin Donovan was:
Richard Schiff
Phil Francato
Richard Schiff was:
Elias Koteas
The Kisser
Elias Koteas was:
Mariangela Pino
Mariangela Pino was:
Eddie Cibrian
The Masseur
Eddie Cibrian was:
Clark Anderson
Clark Anderson was:
Ellen McElduff
Crying Woman
Ellen McElduff was:
Ivan Kronenfeld
Angry Boyfriend
Ivan Kronenfeld was:
Fil Formicola
Santi's Man
Fil Formicola was:
Nick Sandow
Santi's Man
Nick Sandow was:
Jenette Goldstein
Jenette Goldstein was:
Lin Shaye
Lisa's Nurse
Lin Shaye was:
John F. O'Donohue
John F. O'Donohue was:
Fred Scialla
Fred Scialla was:
Anthony Russell
Anthony Russell was:
Sy Sher
Sy Sher was:
Sal Jenco
Sal Jenco was:
Gina Philips
Lisa Francato
Gina Philips was:
Kate McGregor-Stewart
Female Diner
Kate McGregor-Stewart was:
Mitch Greenberg
Anchorman Voice-Over (voice)
Mitch Greenberg was:
Tamlyn Tomita
Bob's Wife
Tamlyn Tomita was:
Henry Woronicz
Fifth Avenue Parent
Henry Woronicz was:
Taylor Leigh
Fifth Avenue Parent
Taylor Leigh was:
Mervyn Warren
Jasper's House Band's Pianist
Mervyn Warren was:
Reggie Hamilton
Jasper's House Band's Bassist
Reggie Hamilton was:
Peter Michael Escovedo
Jasper's House Band's Drummer
Peter Michael Escovedo was:
Mark Schultz
Jasper's House Band's Guitarist
Mark Schultz was:
Michael James
Jasper's House Band's Guitarist and Vocalist
Michael James was:
Gerald Albright
Jasper's House Band's Alto Saxophonist
Gerald Albright was:
Plas Johnson
Jasper's House Band's Baritone Saxophonist
Plas Johnson was:
Justo Almario
Jasper's House Band's Tenor Saxophonist
Justo Almario was:
Vincent Trombetta Jr.
Jasper's House Band's Tenor Saxophonist
Vincent Trombetta Jr. was:
Matt McKane
Matt McKane was:
Robin McDonald
Heckled Singer
Robin McDonald was:
Yolanda Snowball
Jasper's Waitress
Yolanda Snowball was:
Deborah Geffner
Woman with Makeup
Deborah Geffner was:
Rachael Leigh Cook
Teenage Judith
Rachael Leigh Cook was:
Christian Hill
Teenage Lover
Christian Hill was:
Ed Fry
Formal Dress Man
Ed Fry was:
Judith Regan
Formal Dress Woman
Judith Regan was:
Sean Dooley
Late Teenager
Sean Dooley was:
Terry Rhoads
Bill, Across Hall Man
Terry Rhoads was:
Susan Reno
Across Hall Woman
Susan Reno was:
Claudia Shear
Drunken Fan
Claudia Shear was:
Mike Moyer
Mike Moyer was:
Sybil Azur
Confessional Dancer #1
Sybil Azur was:
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