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Poster of Uncle Marin, the Billionaire

Uncle Marin, the Billionaire

Release Date: Monday, February 5 1979 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Amza PelleaAmza Pellea
Nea Mărin / Mr. Juvett
Amza Pellea was:
Portrait of Sebastian PapaianiSebastian Papaiani
Sebastian Papaiani was:
Portrait of Mircea AlbulescuMircea Albulescu
banditul care a răpit fata
Mircea Albulescu was:
Portrait of Colea RăutuColea Răutu
directorul hotelului
Colea Răutu was:
Portrait of Puiu CălinescuPuiu Călinescu
detectivul (locotenentul Columbo)
Puiu Călinescu was:
Portrait of Ștefan BănicăȘtefan Bănică
Ștefan Bănică was:
Portrait of Hamdi CerchezHamdi Cerchez
Hamdi Cerchez was:
Portrait of Jean ConstantinJean Constantin
Teach, șef de bandă
Jean Constantin was:
Portrait of Draga Olteanu MateiDraga Olteanu Matei
Draga Olteanu Matei was:
Portrait of Ștefan Mihăilescu-BrăilaȘtefan Mihăilescu-Brăila
Doe, sef de banda
Ștefan Mihăilescu-Brăila was:
Portrait of Stela PopescuStela Popescu
Stela Popescu was:
Portrait of Vasilica TastamanVasilica Tastaman
vânzătoarea de la shop
Vasilica Tastaman was:
Portrait of Adina PopescuAdina Popescu
Adina Popescu was:
Portrait of Stefan ThuriStefan Thuri
Rich, banditul creț
Stefan Thuri was:
Portrait of Brandusa MarioteanuBrandusa Marioteanu
Samantha Juvett
Brandusa Marioteanu was:
Portrait of Corneliu GîrbeaCorneliu Gîrbea
Corneliu Gîrbea was:
Portrait of Gil DobricăGil Dobrică
cântărețul de la barul hotelului
Gil Dobrică was:
Portrait of Alexandru DobrescuAlexandru Dobrescu
banditul care a răpit fata
Alexandru Dobrescu was:
Portrait of Mihai MălaimareMihai Mălaimare
Sache, recepționerul hotelului
Mihai Mălaimare was:
Portrait of Mariana CerconiMariana Cerconi
Mariana Cerconi was:
Portrait of Ion PolizacheIon Polizache
Ion Polizache was:
Portrait of Dan TufaruDan Tufaru
Dan Tufaru was:
Portrait of Vladimir GăitanVladimir Găitan
comandantul aeronavei
Vladimir Găitan was:
Portrait of Camelia ZorlescuCamelia Zorlescu
reportera franțuzoaică
Camelia Zorlescu was:
Portrait of George Paul AvramGeorge Paul Avram
reporterul italian
George Paul Avram was:
Portrait of Rodica MandacheRodica Mandache
reportera belgiană
Rodica Mandache was:
Portrait of Victor ȘtrengaruVictor Ștrengaru
reporterul grec
Victor Ștrengaru was:
Portrait of Petre LupuPetre Lupu
Petre Lupu was:
Portrait of Rudy RosenfeldRudy Rosenfeld
reporterul american
Rudy Rosenfeld was:
Portrait of Ion ColanIon Colan
Ion Colan was:
Portrait of Laurențiu LazărLaurențiu Lazăr
Laurențiu Lazăr was:
Portrait of Mircea CrețuMircea Crețu
Mircea Crețu was:
Portrait of Tamara PopescuTamara Popescu
Tamara Popescu was:
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