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There Goes the Groom

There Goes the Groom

Release Date: 1937-10-29 (83 years ago)
Ann Sothern
Bettina Louise "Betty" Russell
Ann Sothern was:
Burgess Meredith
Derek "Dick" Matthews
Burgess Meredith was:
Mary Boland
Mrs. Genevieve Pearson Russell
Mary Boland was:
Onslow Stevens
Dr. Joel Becker
Onslow Stevens was:
William Brisbane
Potter Russell
William Brisbane was:
Louise Henry
Janet Russell
Louise Henry was:
Roger Imhof
Hank MacMahon
Roger Imhof was:
Sumner Getchell
Billy Rapp
Sumner Getchell was:
George Irving
Yacht Captain
George Irving was:
Leona Roberts
Leona Roberts was:
Adrian Morris
Eddie - Interne
Adrian Morris was:
Brooks Benedict
Extra at Class Reunion (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Frank Ellis
Mr. Lloyd - Yacht Crewman (uncredited)
Frank Ellis was:
Jack Gargan
Extra at Class Reunion (uncredited)
Jack Gargan was:
Bud Geary
Mr. Malloy - Seaman (uncredited)
Bud Geary was:
Frances Gifford
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Frances Gifford was:
Reed Howes
Sanitarium Attendant Extra (uncredited)
Reed Howes was:
Perc Launders
Bartender at Class Reunion (uncredited)
Perc Launders was:
Bert Moorhouse
Extra at Class Reunion (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Cyril Ring
Class Reunion Greeter (uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Ronald R. Rondell
Extra at Wedding Rehearsal
Ronald R. Rondell was:
Fred Santley
Doctor (uncredited)
Fred Santley was:
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