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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Doctor Takes a Wife

The Doctor Takes a Wife

Release Date: 1940-04-25 (81 years ago)
Loretta Young
June Cameron
Loretta Young was:
Ray Milland
Timothy Sterling
Ray Milland was:
Edmund Gwenn
Lionel Sterling
Edmund Gwenn was:
Reginald Gardiner
John R. Pierce
Reginald Gardiner was:
Gail Patrick
Marilyn Thomas
Gail Patrick was:
Frank Sully
Frank Sully was:
Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones was:
Georges Metaxa
Jean Rovere
Georges Metaxa was:
Charles Halton
Dr. Streeter
Charles Halton was:
Joseph Eggenton
Dr. Nielson
Joseph Eggenton was:
Paul McAllister
Dean Lawton
Paul McAllister was:
Chester Clute
Chester Clute was:
Hal K. Dawson
Hal K. Dawson was:
Edward Van Sloan
Edward Van Sloan was:
Ralph Gilliam
Ralph Gilliam was:
Helen Ainsworth
Amazon in Book Store
Helen Ainsworth was:
Erville Alderson
Harrison - Printer
Erville Alderson was:
Dorothy Appleby
Woman in Book Store
Dorothy Appleby was:
Gertrude Astor
Gertrude Astor was:
Irving Bacon
Sam Appleby
Irving Bacon was:
Don Beddoe
Morning Express Reporter
Don Beddoe was:
Henry Blair
Henry Blair was:
Harry C. Bradley
Dapper Salesman
Harry C. Bradley was:
Spencer Charters
Henry Quinn
Spencer Charters was:
Catherine Courtney
Woman in Book Store
Catherine Courtney was:
Dix Davis
Dix Davis was:
Helen Davis
Woman in Book Store
Helen Davis was:
Edgar Dearing
Motorcycle Cop
Edgar Dearing was:
Vernon Dent
Man Outside Phone Booth
Vernon Dent was:
Claire Du Brey
Party Guest
Claire Du Brey was:
Edward Earle
Party Guest
Edward Earle was:
Edward Gargan
George - Doorman
Edward Gargan was:
Sumner Getchell
Wedding Celebrant
Sumner Getchell was:
Wesley Giraud
Western Union Boy
Wesley Giraud was:
Jane Goude
Mrs. Nielson
Jane Goude was:
Olin Howland
Hotel Clerk
Olin Howland was:
Jane Keckley
Mrs. Quinn
Jane Keckley was:
William Lally
Deck Steward
William Lally was:
Charles Lane
Charles Lane was:
Bobby Larson
Bobby Larson was:
Eddie Laughton
Eddie Laughton was:
Ann Lee
Ann Lee was:
Ian Maclaren
Ian Maclaren was:
Myra Marsh
Lydia Johnson
Myra Marsh was:
Frances Morris
University Registration Desk Clerk
Frances Morris was:
William Newell
Soda Jerk
William Newell was:
Frank Orth
New York Editor
Frank Orth was:
Renie Riano
Telegraph Operator
Renie Riano was:
Virginia Sale
School Teacher
Virginia Sale was:
Dorothy Anne Seese
Dorothy Anne Seese was:
Vera Steadman
Vera Steadman was:
Gertrude Sutton
Mabel (voice)
Gertrude Sutton was:
Emma Tansey
Old Woman Sitting Outside of Lakewood Lodge
Emma Tansey was:
Carol Tevis
Whiney Woman in Bookstore
Carol Tevis was:
Charlotte Treadway
Woman in Book Store
Charlotte Treadway was:
Larry Wheat
Party Guest
Larry Wheat was:
John Wray
Joe - Farmer
John Wray was:
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