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Release Date: 1934-09-08 (86 years ago)
Jean Muir
Jean Muir was:
George Brent
George Brent was:
Verree Teasdale
Verree Teasdale was:
John Halliday
John Halliday was:
Charles Starrett
Charles Starrett was:
Russell Hopton
Russell Hopton was:
Joan Wheeler
Barbara aka 'Babs'
Joan Wheeler was:
Barbara Leonard
Margaret - Gray's Maid
Barbara Leonard was:
Virginia Hammond
Mrs. Emily Gray
Virginia Hammond was:
Pauline True
Mac's Secretary
Pauline True was:
Philip Ahn
Chinese Waiter
Philip Ahn was:
Doris Atkinson
Doris Atkinson was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Herbert Bunston
Uncle Fred
Herbert Bunston was:
Georgie Cooper
Helen's Maid
Georgie Cooper was:
Jane Darwell
Frederick's Mother
Jane Darwell was:
Bill Elliott
Party Guest
Bill Elliott was:
Gladys Gale
Tearful Woman in Theatre (uncredited)
Gladys Gale was:
Sumner Getchell
Sumner Getchell was:
Maude Turner Gordon
Mrs. Reynolds
Maude Turner Gordon was:
Lillian Harmer
Aunt Agnes
Lillian Harmer was:
Theresa Harris
Ladies Room Maid at Party
Theresa Harris was:
Louis Hippe
Louie - the Hairdresser
Louis Hippe was:
Maynard Holmes
Toby - Party Boy
Maynard Holmes was:
George Humbert
Mario - the Maitre D'
George Humbert was:
Edward Keane
First Playgoer
Edward Keane was:
First Playgoer
Helen's Party Guest
First Playgoer was:
Terry La Franconi
Mario's Assistant
Terry La Franconi was:
Helene Millard
Helen's Party Guest
Helene Millard was:
John "Skins" Miller
Dan - Elevator Operator (uncredited)
John "Skins" Miller was:
Edmund Mortimer
Second Playgoer
Edmund Mortimer was:
David Newell
Helen's First Admirer at Party
David Newell was:
Dennis O'Keefe
Party Guest
Dennis O'Keefe was:
George Offerman, Jr.
Third Western Union Messenger
George Offerman, Jr. was:
Rosalie Roy
Rosalie Roy was:
Cliff Saum
Bus Barker
Cliff Saum was:
Gay Seabrook
Cousin Charlotte
Gay Seabrook was:
Kathryn Sheldon
Charity Collector at Box Office
Kathryn Sheldon was:
Phillips Smalley
Sugar Daddy in Theatre
Phillips Smalley was:
Ruthelma Stevens
Brunette in Theatre
Ruthelma Stevens was:
Melissa Ten Eyck
Melissa Ten Eyck was:
Arthur Treacher
Arthur Treacher was:
Jack Trent
Helen's Third Admirer at Party
Jack Trent was:
Harry Tyler
Theatre Box-Office Attendant
Harry Tyler was:
Victoria Vinton
Blonde Gold-Digger at Theatre
Victoria Vinton was:
Emmett Vogan
Office Worker
Emmett Vogan was:
Nella Walker
Eve - aka Madame Fran├žoise
Nella Walker was:
Eric Wilton
Gray's Butler
Eric Wilton was:
Freeman Wood
Helen's Second Admirer at Party
Freeman Wood was:
David Worth
Young Man in Theatre
David Worth was:
Sidney Miller
First Western Union Messenger
Sidney Miller was:
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