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Poster of Warlock: The Armageddon

Warlock: The Armageddon

Release Date: Saturday, May 1 1993 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Julian SandsJulian Sands
Julian Sands was:
Portrait of Chris YoungChris Young
Kenny Travis
Chris Young was:
Portrait of Paula MarshallPaula Marshall
Samantha Ellison
Paula Marshall was:
Portrait of Joanna PaculaJoanna Pacula
Paula Dare
Joanna Pacula was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Will Travis
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of R. G. ArmstrongR. G. Armstrong
R. G. Armstrong was:
Portrait of Charles HallahanCharles Hallahan
Ethan Larson
Charles Hallahan was:
Portrait of Bruce GloverBruce Glover
Ted Ellison
Bruce Glover was:
Portrait of Craig HurleyCraig Hurley
Craig Hurley was:
Portrait of Davis GainesDavis Gaines
Nathan Sinclair
Davis Gaines was:
Portrait of Rebecca StreetRebecca Street
Rebecca Street was:
Portrait of Dawn Ann BillingsDawn Ann Billings
Amanda Sloan
Dawn Ann Billings was:
Portrait of Zach GalliganZach Galligan
Zach Galligan was:
Portrait of Wren T. BrownWren T. Brown
Wren T. Brown was:
Portrait of Gary Carlos CervantesGary Carlos Cervantes
Gary Carlos Cervantes was:
Portrait of Bryan SmithBryan Smith
Bryan Smith was:
Portrait of Mihaly 'Michu' MeszarosMihaly 'Michu' Meszaros
Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros was:
Portrait of Richard ZobelRichard Zobel
Richard Zobel was:
Portrait of Michelle MoffettMichelle Moffett
Michelle Moffett was:
Portrait of Jeanne MoriJeanne Mori
Jeanne Mori was:
Portrait of Lawrence MortorffLawrence Mortorff
Druid #1
Lawrence Mortorff was:
Portrait of Ferdy MayneFerdy Mayne
One-Eyed Man
Ferdy Mayne was:
Portrait of Anthony HickoxAnthony Hickox
Dark Leader
Anthony Hickox was:
Portrait of Shannon KiesShannon Kies
Young Woman
Shannon Kies was:
Portrait of Brent BolthouseBrent Bolthouse
Druid Guard
Brent Bolthouse was:
Portrait of Justin CarowJustin Carow
Druid Guard
Justin Carow was:
Portrait of Joseph BernardJoseph Bernard
Joseph Bernard was:
Portrait of George Buck FlowerGeorge Buck Flower
Man in the Crowd
George Buck Flower was:
Portrait of Leah TewelesLeah Teweles
Woman in Crowd
Leah Teweles was:
Portrait of Sheryl Mary LewisSheryl Mary Lewis
Church Woman
Sheryl Mary Lewis was:
Portrait of Yolande GilotYolande Gilot
Yolande Gilot was:
Portrait of Maryana ChervetsMaryana Chervets
Maryana Chervets was:
Portrait of Cristina DidianiCristina Didiani
Cristina Didiani was:
Portrait of Wendy HamiltonWendy Hamilton
Wendy Hamilton was:
Portrait of Vasilia HughesVasilia Hughes
Vasilia Hughes was:
Portrait of Dawn KapatosDawn Kapatos
Dawn Kapatos was:
Portrait of Tracy LoganTracy Logan
Tracy Logan was:
Portrait of Carrie MartinCarrie Martin
Carrie Martin was:
Portrait of Claudia MedinaClaudia Medina
Claudia Medina was:
Portrait of Elizabeth NottoliElizabeth Nottoli
Elizabeth Nottoli was:
Portrait of Monika SchnarreMonika Schnarre
Monika Schnarre was:
Portrait of Jeanie SureckJeanie Sureck
Jeanie Sureck was:
Portrait of Frank WelkerFrank Welker
Special vocal effects (voice)
Frank Welker was:
Portrait of Maite GarciaMaite Garcia
Model (uncredited)
Maite Garcia was:
Portrait of Micole MercurioMicole Mercurio
Kate (uncredited)
Micole Mercurio was:
Portrait of Michael MilkerMichael Milker
Fashion Photographer (uncredited)
Michael Milker was:
Portrait of Daniel OsersDaniel Osers
The Town Boy (uncredited)
Daniel Osers was:
Portrait of Matt PattersonMatt Patterson
The Devil (uncredited)
Matt Patterson was:
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