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Poster of Judicial Consent

Judicial Consent

Release Date: Saturday, January 1 1993 (28 years ago)
Portrait of Bonnie BedeliaBonnie Bedelia
Gwen Warwick
Bonnie Bedelia was:
Portrait of Billy WirthBilly Wirth
Billy Wirth was:
Portrait of Will PattonWill Patton
Alan Warwick
Will Patton was:
Portrait of Lisa BlountLisa Blount
District attorney
Lisa Blount was:
Portrait of Dabney ColemanDabney Coleman
Charles Mayron
Dabney Coleman was:
Portrait of Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy
Judge Pollan
Kevin McCarthy was:
Portrait of Jim McMullanJim McMullan
Trenton Clarkson
Jim McMullan was:
Portrait of Michael GreeneMichael Greene
Lt. Kartes
Michael Greene was:
Portrait of Henry BrownHenry Brown
Henry Brown was:
Portrait of Sheila HanahanSheila Hanahan
Sheila Hanahan was:
Portrait of William BoswellWilliam Boswell
William Boswell was:
Portrait of Carl Harry CarlsonCarl Harry Carlson
Carl Harry Carlson was:
Portrait of Kathleen ConlonKathleen Conlon
Pollan's Secretary
Kathleen Conlon was:
Portrait of Mike EvansMike Evans
Older Lawyer
Mike Evans was:
Portrait of Ken FordKen Ford
Ballroom Reporter
Ken Ford was:
Portrait of Davis GloffDavis Gloff
Burt Nowell
Davis Gloff was:
Portrait of David GloverDavid Glover
David Glover was:
Portrait of Rene GodenRene Goden
Mrs. Lucarell
Rene Goden was:
Portrait of Robert GrossmanRobert Grossman
John Lucarell
Robert Grossman was:
Portrait of John W. HardyJohn W. Hardy
Abe Gleason
John W. Hardy was:
Portrait of David C. HatchDavid C. Hatch
Terry Cushing
David C. Hatch was:
Portrait of Ann HollandAnn Holland
Andrea Tobias
Ann Holland was:
Portrait of Steve JasgurSteve Jasgur
Martin Look-Alike
Steve Jasgur was:
Portrait of Amy McLottAmy McLott
Attractive Woman
Amy McLott was:
Portrait of Paul MichaelPaul Michael
Paul Michael was:
Portrait of Kimberly D. PollockKimberly D. Pollock
Kimberly D. Pollock was:
Portrait of Jerry StaneckiJerry Stanecki
TV Reporter
Jerry Stanecki was:
Portrait of Folkert SchmidtFolkert Schmidt
Doug Wetton
Folkert Schmidt was:
Portrait of Lynn AndersonLynn Anderson
Attorney (uncredited)
Lynn Anderson was:
Portrait of Radford BakerRadford Baker
Lawyer in Ballroom (uncredited)
Radford Baker was:
Portrait of Jeffrey PritzJeffrey Pritz
Cop (uncredited)
Jeffrey Pritz was:
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