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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

World Trade Center

World Trade Center

Release Date: 2006-08-09 (14 years ago)
Nicolas Cage
John McLoughlin
Nicolas Cage was:
Maria Bello
Donna McLoughlin
Maria Bello was:
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Allison Jimeno
Maggie Gyllenhaal was:
Danny Nucci
Officer Giraldi
Danny Nucci was:
Stephen Dorff
Scott Strauss
Stephen Dorff was:
Michael Peña
Will Jimeno
Michael Peña was:
Jay Hernandez
Dominick Pezzulo
Jay Hernandez was:
Michael Shannon
Dave Karnes
Michael Shannon was:
Dorothy Lyman
Allison's Mother
Dorothy Lyman was:
Peter McRobbie
Allison's Father
Peter McRobbie was:
Wass Stevens
Pat McLoughlin
Wass Stevens was:
Frank Whaley
Chuck Sereika
Frank Whaley was:
Stoney Westmoreland
Paddy McGee
Stoney Westmoreland was:
Viola Davis
Mother in Hospital with Donna
Viola Davis was:
Lola Cook
Olivia Jimeno
Lola Cook was:
Connor Paolo
Steven McLoughlin
Connor Paolo was:
Anthony Piccininni
JJ McLoughlin
Anthony Piccininni was:
Alexa Gerasimovich
Erin McLoughlin
Alexa Gerasimovich was:
Morgan Flynn
Caitlin McLoughlin
Morgan Flynn was:
Armando Riesco
Antonio Rodrigues
Armando Riesco was:
Jon Bernthal
Christopher Amoroso
Jon Bernthal was:
Jude Ciccolella
Inspector Fields
Jude Ciccolella was:
Julie Adams
Allison's Grandmother
Julie Adams was:
Joe Starr
Subway Rider
Joe Starr was:
William Jimeno
Port Authority Officer
William Jimeno was:
Nick Damici
Lieutenant Kassimatis
Nick Damici was:
Martin Pfefferkorn
Homeless Addict #1
Martin Pfefferkorn was:
Razame de la Crackers
Homeless Addict #2
Razame de la Crackers was:
Nelson Peña
Street Hood #1
Nelson Peña was:
Marcos Palma
Street Hood #2
Marcos Palma was:
Andre Ward
Port Authority Hustler
Andre Ward was:
Lisa Yuen
Port Authority Tourist
Lisa Yuen was:
Cliff Bemis
Desk Cop
Cliff Bemis was:
Harmonica Sunbeam
9th Avenue Hooker
Harmonica Sunbeam was:
Ned Eisenberg
Officer Polnicki
Ned Eisenberg was:
Nicholas Turturro
Officer Colovito
Nicholas Turturro was:
Tyree Michael Simpson
Officer Washington
Tyree Michael Simpson was:
Kevin Feely
Plain Clothes Officer
Kevin Feely was:
Mark Elliot Wilson
Street Businessman
Mark Elliot Wilson was:
Tawny Cypress
Bleeding Woman
Tawny Cypress was:
Robert Blanche
WTC Desk Officer
Robert Blanche was:
Tom Wright
Officer Reynolds
Tom Wright was:
Terry Quinn
Fire Fighter in Concourse
Terry Quinn was:
Ed Jewett
Wisconsin Cop
Ed Jewett was:
Maria Helan
Allison's Co-Worker
Maria Helan was:
Brad William Henke
Allison's Brother
Brad William Henke was:
Patti D'Arbanville
Donna's Neighbor
Patti D'Arbanville was:
Donna Murphy
Judy Jonas
Donna Murphy was:
Nicky Katt
Volunteer Fireman
Nicky Katt was:
Lucia Brawley
Will's Sister
Lucia Brawley was:
Kimberly Scott
Sergeant King
Kimberly Scott was:
Dara Coleman
Officer Boel
Dara Coleman was:
Tiffany Romano
Bianca Jimeno
Tiffany Romano was:
Gregory Jbara
Accountant in Karnes Office
Gregory Jbara was:
Jordan Lage
Karnes' Pastor
Jordan Lage was:
Tony Genaro
Will's Father
Tony Genaro was:
Aixa Maldonado
Will's Mother
Aixa Maldonado was:
Jay Acovone
Donna's Male Neighbor
Jay Acovone was:
Howard Samuelsohn
Downtown Resident
Howard Samuelsohn was:
David H. Ahl
National Guard Officer at Barricade
David H. Ahl was:
Arthur J. Nascarella
Fire Chief at Ground Zero
Arthur J. Nascarella was:
Thom Prin Jr.
Fireman at Ground Zero
Thom Prin Jr. was:
Steve Chappell
Figure of Jesus
Steve Chappell was:
William Mapother
Marine Sergeant Thomas
William Mapother was:
Thomas F. Duffy
NYC Command Centre Operator
Thomas F. Duffy was:
Tommy Asher
Fireman in Hole
Tommy Asher was:
Charles A. Gargano
Port Authority Commander
Charles A. Gargano was:
Thomas McHale
Port Authority Sergeant
Thomas McHale was:
Lalanya Masters
Allison's Nurse
Lalanya Masters was:
Greg Collins
Will's Rescue Fireman
Greg Collins was:
Scott Fox
Firefighter #1 John's Rescue
Scott Fox was:
Louis Raimondi
Firefighter #2 John's Rescue
Louis Raimondi was:
Victor Spadaro
Firefighter #3 John's Rescue
Victor Spadaro was:
John Kiernan
Firefighter #4 John's Rescue
John Kiernan was:
Liz A. Randall
Will's Arrival Nurse
Liz A. Randall was:
Roger Cross
Will's Doctor
Roger Cross was:
Jossara Jinaro
Will's Operation Nurse
Jossara Jinaro was:
Joseph Esposito
Fireman Joe
Joseph Esposito was:
Gary Stretch
John's Paramedic
Gary Stretch was:
Kurt Caceres
John's Rescue Fireman
Kurt Caceres was:
Robert Myers
Commuter (uncredited)
Robert Myers was:
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