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Poster of Joe Palooka in Winner Take All

Joe Palooka in Winner Take All

Release Date: Sunday, September 19 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Joe Kirkwood, Jr.Joe Kirkwood, Jr.
Joe Palooka
Joe Kirkwood, Jr. was:
Portrait of Elyse KnoxElyse Knox
Anne Howe
Elyse Knox was:
Portrait of William FrawleyWilliam Frawley
Knobby Walsh
William Frawley was:
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Tommy Malone
Stanley Clements was:
Portrait of John SheltonJohn Shelton
Greg Tanner
John Shelton was:
Portrait of Mary Beth HughesMary Beth Hughes
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Portrait of Sheldon LeonardSheldon Leonard
Sheldon Leonard was:
Portrait of Frank JenksFrank Jenks
Frank Jenks was:
Portrait of Lyle TalbotLyle Talbot
Lyle Talbot was:
Portrait of Jack RoperJack Roper
Jack Roper was:
Portrait of Eddie GribbonEddie Gribbon
Eddie Gribbon was:
Portrait of Wally VernonWally Vernon
Taxi Driver
Wally Vernon was:
Portrait of Ralph SanfordRalph Sanford
Police Lt. Steve Mulford
Ralph Sanford was:
Portrait of 'Big' Ben Moroz'Big' Ben Moroz
Bobo Walker
'Big' Ben Moroz was:
Portrait of Hal BaylorHal Baylor
Sammy Talbot
Hal Baylor was:
Portrait of William RuhlWilliam Ruhl
Talbot's Manager
William Ruhl was:
Portrait of Chester CluteChester Clute
Chester Clute was:
Portrait of Douglas FowleyDouglas Fowley
Douglas Fowley was:
Portrait of Stanley PragerStanley Prager
Stanley Prager was:
Portrait of Hugh CharlesHugh Charles
Hugh Charles was:
Portrait of Forrest MatthewsForrest Matthews
Forrest Matthews was:
Portrait of Tom KennedyTom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy was:
Portrait of Gertrude AstorGertrude Astor
Mrs. Howard
Gertrude Astor was:
Portrait of Hal GerardHal Gerard
TV Announcer
Hal Gerard was:
Portrait of Fred AldrichFred Aldrich
Policeman at Fight Arena
Fred Aldrich was:
Portrait of Charles FergusonCharles Ferguson
Charles Ferguson was:
Portrait of John HartJohn Hart
Army Sergeant George Malone
John Hart was:
Portrait of Frank MoranFrank Moran
Frank Moran was:
Portrait of William J. O'BrienWilliam J. O'Brien
Fight Spetator
William J. O'Brien was:
Portrait of Ralph VolkieRalph Volkie
Fight Referee
Ralph Volkie was:
Portrait of Harry WilsonHarry Wilson
Fight Spectator
Harry Wilson was:
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