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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Boots Malone

Boots Malone

Release Date: Friday, January 11 1952 (71 years ago)
Portrait of William HoldenWilliam Holden
Boots Malone
William Holden was:
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Stash Clements
Stanley Clements was:
Portrait of Harry MorganHarry Morgan
Quarter Horse Henry
Harry Morgan was:
Portrait of Ed BegleyEd Begley
Howard Whitehead
Ed Begley was:
Portrait of Carl Benton ReidCarl Benton Reid
John Williams
Carl Benton Reid was:
Portrait of Basil RuysdaelBasil Ruysdael
Preacher Cole
Basil Ruysdael was:
Portrait of Ralph DumkeRalph Dumke
Ralph Dumke was:
Portrait of Hugh SandersHugh Sanders
Hugh Sanders was:
Portrait of Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso
Anthony Caruso was:
Portrait of Billy PearsonBilly Pearson
Eddie Koch
Billy Pearson was:
Portrait of Johnny StewartJohnny Stewart
Thomas Gibson Jr. aka The Kid
Johnny Stewart was:
Portrait of Ann LeeAnn Lee
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Gibson
Ann Lee was:
Portrait of Whit BissellWhit Bissell
Lou Dyer
Whit Bissell was:
Portrait of Harry HinesHarry Hines
Goofy Gordon
Harry Hines was:
Portrait of Hank WordenHank Worden
Auto Mechanic
Hank Worden was:
Portrait of Frank FergusonFrank Ferguson
Private Investigator
Frank Ferguson was:
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