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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Last Sin Eater

The Last Sin Eater

Release Date: Friday, February 9 2007 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Louise FletcherLouise Fletcher
Miz Elda
Louise Fletcher was:
Portrait of Henry ThomasHenry Thomas
Man of God
Henry Thomas was:
Portrait of Soren FultonSoren Fulton
Fagan Kai
Soren Fulton was:
Portrait of A.J. BuckleyA.J. Buckley
Angor Forbes
A.J. Buckley was:
Portrait of Stewart Finlay-McLennanStewart Finlay-McLennan
Brogan Kai
Stewart Finlay-McLennan was:
Portrait of Liana LiberatoLiana Liberato
Cadi Forbes
Liana Liberato was:
Portrait of Lisa LackeyLisa Lackey
Fia Forbes
Lisa Lackey was:
Portrait of Peter WingfieldPeter Wingfield
The Sin Eater
Peter Wingfield was:
Portrait of Kim MyersKim Myers
Iona Kai
Kim Myers was:
Portrait of Valerie WildmanValerie Wildman
Gervase O'Dara
Valerie Wildman was:
Portrait of Anne Cullimore DeckerAnne Cullimore Decker
Granny Forbes
Anne Cullimore Decker was:
Portrait of Michael FlynnMichael Flynn
Laochailand Kai
Michael Flynn was:
Portrait of Thea RoseThea Rose
Thea Rose was:
Portrait of Gabrielle FitzpatrickGabrielle Fitzpatrick
Bletsung McLeod
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick was:
Portrait of Molly JepsonMolly Jepson
Elen Forbes
Molly Jepson was:
Portrait of Don ShanksDon Shanks
Indian Chief
Don Shanks was:
Portrait of Stefania BarrStefania Barr
Stefania Barr was:
Portrait of Parker HadleyParker Hadley
Parker Hadley was:
Portrait of Nick PraggastisNick Praggastis
Cleet Kai
Nick Praggastis was:
Portrait of Dee MacalusoDee Macaluso
Elderly Woman
Dee Macaluso was:
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