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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Final Voyage

Final Voyage

Release Date: Tuesday, June 20 2000 (22 years ago)
Portrait of Dylan WalshDylan Walsh
Dylan Walsh was:
Portrait of Ice-TIce-T
Ice-T was:
Portrait of Erika EleniakErika Eleniak
Erika Eleniak was:
Portrait of Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian
Claudia Christian was:
Portrait of Rick DucommunRick Ducommun
Rick Ducommun was:
Portrait of Stephen MachtStephen Macht
Captain Doyle
Stephen Macht was:
Portrait of Beau BillingsleaBeau Billingslea
Beau Billingslea was:
Portrait of Heidi SchanzHeidi Schanz
Heidi Schanz was:
Portrait of John KoyamaJohn Koyama
John Koyama was:
Portrait of Jonathan FullerJonathan Fuller
Jonathan Fuller was:
Portrait of Michael Bailey SmithMichael Bailey Smith
Michael Bailey Smith was:
Portrait of Thom Adcox-HernandezThom Adcox-Hernandez
Thom Adcox-Hernandez was:
Portrait of Chick VenneraChick Vennera
Chick Vennera was:
Portrait of Scott L. SchwartzScott L. Schwartz
Scott L. Schwartz was:
Portrait of Terry MooreTerry Moore
Terry Moore was:
Portrait of Tony ColittiTony Colitti
Tony Colitti was:
Portrait of William LangloisWilliam Langlois
William Langlois was:
Portrait of Kristine MejiaKristine Mejia
Kristine Mejia was:
Portrait of Robert DonavanRobert Donavan
Robert Donavan was:
Portrait of Jesus NebotJesus Nebot
Jesus Nebot was:
Portrait of Lenny JulianoLenny Juliano
Radio Operator
Lenny Juliano was:
Portrait of Barry JamesBarry James
Mike Strakowski
Barry James was:
Portrait of Marc VahanianMarc Vahanian
Security Guard #2
Marc Vahanian was:
Portrait of Ernest Hardin Jr.Ernest Hardin Jr.
Security Guard #1
Ernest Hardin Jr. was:
Portrait of Warren A. StevensWarren A. Stevens
Warren A. Stevens was:
Portrait of Nikki FritzNikki Fritz
Flight Attendant (uncredited)
Nikki Fritz was:
Portrait of Kim DawsonKim Dawson
Beautiful Blonde in Red Dress (uncredited)
Kim Dawson was:
Portrait of Rocco SalataRocco Salata
Hersh (uncredited)
Rocco Salata was:
Portrait of Richard GabaiRichard Gabai
Daniels (uncredited)
Richard Gabai was:
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