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Poster of Dilemma


Release Date: Wednesday, January 1 1997 (25 years ago)
Portrait of C. Thomas HowellC. Thomas Howell
Thomas 'Quin' Quinlan
C. Thomas Howell was:
Portrait of Sofia ShinasSofia Shinas
Lydia Cantrell
Sofia Shinas was:
Portrait of Danny TrejoDanny Trejo
Rudy Salazar
Danny Trejo was:
Portrait of Courtney GainsCourtney Gains
Courtney Gains was:
Portrait of Buddy DanielsBuddy Daniels
Buddy Daniels was:
Portrait of David ReesDavid Rees
Doctor Baslow
David Rees was:
Portrait of Alexander FolkAlexander Folk
Herb Endres
Alexander Folk was:
Portrait of Richard RiehleRichard Riehle
Captain Ross
Richard Riehle was:
Portrait of Robert RuthRobert Ruth
Robert Ruth was:
Portrait of Rosario GruRosario Gru
Rosario Gru was:
Portrait of Nicholas HillNicholas Hill
Alex Davis
Nicholas Hill was:
Portrait of David "Shark" FralickDavid "Shark" Fralick
David "Shark" Fralick was:
Portrait of Louis Martin Braga IIILouis Martin Braga III
Louis Martin Braga III was:
Portrait of CristosCristos
Cristos was:
Portrait of BeanoBeano
Beano was:
Portrait of John CapodiceJohn Capodice
John Capodice was:
Portrait of Jamie AndersonJamie Anderson
Officer Divas
Jamie Anderson was:
Portrait of René Le VantRené Le Vant
Captain Dent
René Le Vant was:
Portrait of Glen HillGlen Hill
Glen Hill was:
Portrait of Gretchen PalmerGretchen Palmer
Gretchen Palmer was:
Portrait of Jason ClarkeJason Clarke
Guy #2
Jason Clarke was:
Portrait of Kirk RoosKirk Roos
Guy #1
Kirk Roos was:
Portrait of Scott L. SchwartzScott L. Schwartz
Guard #1
Scott L. Schwartz was:
Portrait of Marla RubinoffMarla Rubinoff
Marla Rubinoff was:
Portrait of Patrick M.J. FinertyPatrick M.J. Finerty
Patrick M.J. Finerty was:
Portrait of Marc BlucasMarc Blucas
Marc Blucas was:
Portrait of Pierre DulatPierre Dulat
Pierre Dulat was:
Portrait of Mark BentonMark Benton
Mark Benton was:
Portrait of Kelly RutherfordKelly Rutherford
Woman in Bar
Kelly Rutherford was:
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