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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Up the Creek

Up the Creek

Release Date: Friday, April 6 1984 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Tim MathesonTim Matheson
Bob McGraw
Tim Matheson was:
Portrait of Dan MonahanDan Monahan
Dan Monahan was:
Portrait of Sandy HelbergSandy Helberg
Sandy Helberg was:
Portrait of Stephen FurstStephen Furst
Stephen Furst was:
Portrait of Blaine NovakBlaine Novak
Capt. Braverman
Blaine Novak was:
Portrait of Jeff EastJeff East
Rex Crandall
Jeff East was:
Portrait of Will BledsoeWill Bledsoe
Roger van Dyke
Will Bledsoe was:
Portrait of Grant WilsonGrant Wilson
Grant Wilson was:
Portrait of Mark AndrewsMark Andrews
Mark Andrews was:
Portrait of Julia MontgomeryJulia Montgomery
Julia Montgomery was:
Portrait of Romy WalthallRomy Walthall
Romy Walthall was:
Portrait of Jeana KeoughJeana Keough
Jeana Keough was:
Portrait of Jennifer RunyonJennifer Runyon
Heather Merriweather
Jennifer Runyon was:
Portrait of James B. SikkingJames B. Sikking
James B. Sikking was:
Portrait of John HillermanJohn Hillerman
Dean Burch
John Hillerman was:
Portrait of Tom NolanTom Nolan
Tom Nolan was:
Portrait of Jason CourtJason Court
Jason Court was:
Portrait of Jesse D. GoinsJesse D. Goins
Jesse D. Goins was:
Portrait of Tim JonesTim Jones
Tim Jones was:
Portrait of Robert CostanzoRobert Costanzo
Campus Guard Charlie
Robert Costanzo was:
Portrait of Ken GibbelKen Gibbel
Campus Guard
Ken Gibbel was:
Portrait of Hap LawrenceHap Lawrence
Gas Station Attendant
Hap Lawrence was:
Portrait of Lori SuttonLori Sutton
Cute Girl
Lori Sutton was:
Portrait of Peggy TrentiniPeggy Trentini
Peggy Trentini was:
Portrait of Kathy Sunshine SolerKathy Sunshine Soler
Buxom Blonde
Kathy Sunshine Soler was:
Portrait of Sandy KuykendallSandy Kuykendall
Girl in Bar
Sandy Kuykendall was:
Portrait of Eric DuchettEric Duchett
Eric Duchett was:
Portrait of Paul KingPaul King
Waiter #1
Paul King was:
Portrait of David ThomasDavid Thomas
Waiter #2
David Thomas was:
Portrait of Cindy AveryCindy Avery
Girl in Street
Cindy Avery was:
Portrait of Julie CaspellJulie Caspell
Chesty Girl #1
Julie Caspell was:
Portrait of Gina BarbisanGina Barbisan
Chesty Girl #2
Gina Barbisan was:
Portrait of Katha FefferKatha Feffer
Girl in Corridor
Katha Feffer was:
Portrait of Michael T. JudgeMichael T. Judge
Guido St. Martins
Michael T. Judge was:
Portrait of Steve GredaginSteve Gredagin
Jock #1
Steve Gredagin was:
Portrait of Carter HigbeeCarter Higbee
Jock #2
Carter Higbee was:
Portrait of Patricia WhitcherPatricia Whitcher
Hot Tub Girl
Patricia Whitcher was:
Portrait of Felicity MithenFelicity Mithen
Hot Tub Girl
Felicity Mithen was:
Portrait of Jeanne KiltyJeanne Kilty
Hot Tub Girl
Jeanne Kilty was:
Portrait of Frank WelkerFrank Welker
Chuck (voice)
Frank Welker was:
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