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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Trial Without Jury

Trial Without Jury

Release Date: 1950-07-08 (70 years ago)
Robert Rockwell
Police Lt. Bill Peters
Robert Rockwell was:
Barbra Fuller
Corinne Hollister
Barbra Fuller was:
Kent Taylor
Jed Kilgore
Kent Taylor was:
Audrey Long
Myra Peters
Audrey Long was:
K. Elmo Lowe
John Webb
K. Elmo Lowe was:
Stanley Waxman
Arthur Gentry
Stanley Waxman was:
John Whitney
Riley Wentworth
John Whitney was:
Barbara Billingsley
Rheta Mulford
Barbara Billingsley was:
Ruthelma Stevens
Mrs. Mannings
Ruthelma Stevens was:
William Grueneberg
Detective Turner
William Grueneberg was:
Christine Larsen
Bernice Andrews - Myra's Secretary
Christine Larsen was:
James Craven
Stage Actor Playing Philip Mannings
James Craven was:
William Haade
Kennedy - Truck Driver
William Haade was:
Bill Baldwin
Parkson - Airport Ticket Agent
Bill Baldwin was:
Theodore von Eltz
Philip Mannings (as Theodor von Eltz)
Theodore von Eltz was:
Sidney Marion
Shuffalong (as Sid Marion)
Sidney Marion was:
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