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Union of Salvation

Union of Salvation

Release Date: 2019-12-26 (1 year ago)
Leonid Bichevin
Sergey Muravyov-Apostol, lieutenant colonel of the Chernigov regiment
Leonid Bichevin was:
Maksim Matveev
prince Sergey Trubetskoy, Colonel of the Guard, Duty Officer of the General Staff
Maksim Matveev was:
Pavel Priluchnyy
Pavel Pestel, Colonel Commander of the Vyatka Regiment
Pavel Priluchnyy was:
Ivan Yankovsky
Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin, second lieutenant of the Poltava Infantry Regiment
Ivan Yankovsky was:
Anton Shagin
Kondraty Ryleev, poet, journalist
Anton Shagin was:
Alexandr Domogarov
Count Mikhail Miloradovich, military governor-general of St. Petersburg
Alexandr Domogarov was:
Igor Petrenko
Baranov, grenadier of the Chernigov regiment, demoted major
Igor Petrenko was:
Sergei Peregudov
Artamon Muravyov, Colonel, Commander of the Akhtyr Hussars
Sergei Peregudov was:
Vitaly Kishchenko
Emperor Alexander I
Vitaly Kishchenko was:
Ivan Kolesnikov
Nikolai Pavlovich, brother of Alexander I
Ivan Kolesnikov was:
Aleksey Guskov
Prince Alexey Shcherbatov, the military governor-general of Kiev
Aleksey Guskov was:
Sergey Koltakov
Nikolay Mordvinov, senator
Sergey Koltakov was:
Aleksandr Ustyugov
Alexey Orlov, cavalry general, commander of horse guards
Aleksandr Ustyugov was:
Vladislav Vetrov
Gustav Gebel, Lieutenant Colonel Commander of the Chernigov Regiment
Vladislav Vetrov was:
Aleksandr Lazarev Jr.
Alexander Benkendorf, cavalry general
Aleksandr Lazarev Jr. was:
Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė
Princess Belskaya, Anna's mother
Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė was:
Sofya Ernst
Anna Belskaya
Sofya Ernst was:
Artyom Tkachenko
Amphelt, Colonel
Artyom Tkachenko was:
Efim Petrunin
Ivan Sukhinov, Lieutenant of the Chernigov Regiment
Efim Petrunin was:
Pavel Barshak
Veniamin Soloviev, Baron, Head Captain of the Chernigov Regiment
Pavel Barshak was:
Kirill Kuznetsov
Mikhail Shchepillo, Lieutenant of the Chernigov Regiment
Kirill Kuznetsov was:
Anton Feoktistov
Anastasiy Kuzmin, Lieutenant, Commander of the 5th Musketeer Company of the Chernigov Regiment
Anton Feoktistov was:
Andrey Martynov
Ippolit Muravyov-Apostol, ensign of the quartermaster
Andrey Martynov was:
Sergey Agafonov
Petr Kakhovsky, retired lieutenant
Sergey Agafonov was:
Dmitry Lysenkov
Evgeny Obolensky, Prince, Lieutenant Life Guards of the Finnish Regiment
Dmitry Lysenkov was:
Aleksandr Stroev
Petr Frederiks, Baron, Adjutant General, Actual Privy Councilor
Aleksandr Stroev was:
Mikhail Eliseev
Alexey Yushnevsky, the quartermaster general of the 2nd army, state councilor
Mikhail Eliseev was:
Aleksandr Ratnikov
Chistov, Major of the Chernigov Regiment
Aleksandr Ratnikov was:
Pavel Vorozhtsov
Arkady Mayboroda, Captain of the Vyatka Regiment
Pavel Vorozhtsov was:
Sergey Vlasov
Ivan Dibich, Adjutant General, Chief of General Staff
Sergey Vlasov was:
Yuriy Baturin
Alexander Chernyshev, General
Yuriy Baturin was:
Kirill Zaytsev
Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin
Kirill Zaytsev was:
Yuriy Borisov
Anton Arbuzov, lieutenant of the Guards crew
Yuriy Borisov was:
Alexandr Metelkin
Nikolay Panov, Lieutenant Life Guards Grenadier Regiment
Alexandr Metelkin was:
Anton Momot
Dmitry Schepin-Rostovsky, Captain of the Life Guards Moscow Regiment
Anton Momot was:
Maxim Blinov
Ilya Bakunin, ensign
Maxim Blinov was:
Aleksey Oding
Fedor Geismaer, Baron, Cavalry General
Aleksey Oding was:
Petar Zekavica
Fedor Schwartz, colonel, commander of the Semenov regiment
Petar Zekavica was:
Сергей Уманов
Evsey, Muravyev-Apostol's batman
Сергей Уманов was:
Rostislav Bershauer
Lerner, gendarme
Rostislav Bershauer was:
Elena Lotova
Alexandra Feodorovna, Nikolay Pavlovich's wife
Elena Lotova was:
Klim Berdinsky
little Alexander, Nikolay Pavlovich's son
Klim Berdinsky was:
Larisa Malevannaya
Ekaterina Nelidova, maid of honor Alexandra Fedorovna
Larisa Malevannaya was:
Alexey Potemkin
Karl Karlovich Merder, educator of little Alexander
Alexey Potemkin was:
Varvara Gusinskaya
Ryleev's wife
Varvara Gusinskaya was:
Marta Timofeeva
Varya, Ryleev's daughter
Marta Timofeeva was:
Marina Konyashkina
Trubetskoy's wife
Marina Konyashkina was:
Mārtiņš Kalita
Glinka (Bashutsky), adjutant of Count Miloradovich
Mārtiņš Kalita was:
Sergey Zharkov
Boychenko, private Semenov regiment
Sergey Zharkov was:
Vladislav Reznik
Petr Golenishchev-Kutuzov, Alexander's adjutant
Vladislav Reznik was:
Dmitry Palamarchuk
Vasily Mikulin, Colonel
Dmitry Palamarchuk was:
Vladimir Gartsunov
Vladimir Gartsunov was:
Sergey Goroshko
Sergey Goroshko was:
Oleg Ots
adjutant Mukhanov
Oleg Ots was:
Alexandr Prokopyev
Alexandr Prokopyev was:
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