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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of While the City Sleeps

While the City Sleeps

Release Date: Thursday, April 19 1956 (66 years ago)
Portrait of Dana AndrewsDana Andrews
Edward Mobley
Dana Andrews was:
Portrait of Rhonda FlemingRhonda Fleming
Dorothy Kyne
Rhonda Fleming was:
Portrait of George SandersGeorge Sanders
Mark Loving
George Sanders was:
Portrait of Howard DuffHoward Duff
Lt. Burt Kaufman
Howard Duff was:
Portrait of Thomas MitchellThomas Mitchell
John Day Griffith
Thomas Mitchell was:
Portrait of Vincent PriceVincent Price
Walter Kyne
Vincent Price was:
Portrait of Sally ForrestSally Forrest
Nancy Liggett
Sally Forrest was:
Portrait of John Drew BarrymoreJohn Drew Barrymore
Robert Manners
John Drew Barrymore was:
Portrait of James CraigJames Craig
"Honest" Harry Kritzer
James Craig was:
Portrait of Ida LupinoIda Lupino
Mildred Donner
Ida Lupino was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Amos Kyne
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Mae MarshMae Marsh
Mrs. Manners
Mae Marsh was:
Portrait of Ralph PetersRalph Peters
Gerald Meade
Ralph Peters was:
Portrait of Sandy WhiteSandy White
Judith Felton
Sandy White was:
Portrait of Larry J. BlakeLarry J. Blake
Larry J. Blake was:
Portrait of Celia LovskyCelia Lovsky
Miss Dodd
Celia Lovsky was:
Portrait of Ed HintonEd Hinton
Mike O'Leary
Ed Hinton was:
Portrait of Pitt HerbertPitt Herbert
Pitt Herbert was:
Portrait of Vladimir SokoloffVladimir Sokoloff
George "Pop" Pilski
Vladimir Sokoloff was:
Portrait of Eddie BakerEddie Baker
Newspaper Worker (uncredited)
Eddie Baker was:
Portrait of Ralph BrooksRalph Brooks
Waiter (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Portrait of Leonard CareyLeonard Carey
Walter's Butler (uncredited)
Leonard Carey was:
Portrait of Russell CusterRussell Custer
Police Officer (uncredited)
Russell Custer was:
Portrait of John DamlerJohn Damler
Police Detective (uncredited)
John Damler was:
Portrait of Sayre DearingSayre Dearing
Photographer (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing was:
Portrait of George DeNormandGeorge DeNormand
Police Squad Car Driver (uncredited)
George DeNormand was:
Portrait of Joe DevlinJoe Devlin
Newspaper Teletype Operator (uncredited)
Joe Devlin was:
Portrait of Sam FinnSam Finn
Newspaper Worker (uncredited)
Sam Finn was:
Portrait of Mike LallyMike Lally
Bartender in Biscayne's Cocktail Bar (uncredited)
Mike Lally was:
Portrait of Ralph ManzaRalph Manza
Newsroom Man (uncredited)
Ralph Manza was:
Portrait of Mickey MartinMickey Martin
Bellhop (uncredited)
Mickey Martin was:
Portrait of Joey RayJoey Ray
Newspaper Worker (uncredited)
Joey Ray was:
Portrait of Cosmo SardoCosmo Sardo
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo was:
Portrait of Charles SherlockCharles Sherlock
Detective (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Portrait of Olan SouleOlan Soule
Crime Scene Investigator (uncredited)
Olan Soule was:
Portrait of Bert StevensBert Stevens
Newsman (uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
Portrait of Carleton YoungCarleton Young
Police Interrogator (uncredited)
Carleton Young was:
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