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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Souls at Sea

Souls at Sea

Release Date: Friday, September 3 1937 (84 years ago)
Portrait of Gary CooperGary Cooper
Michael 'Nuggin' Taylor
Gary Cooper was:
Portrait of George RaftGeorge Raft
George Raft was:
Portrait of Frances DeeFrances Dee
Margaret Tarryton
Frances Dee was:
Portrait of Henry WilcoxonHenry Wilcoxon
Lieutenant Stanley Tarryton
Henry Wilcoxon was:
Portrait of Harry CareyHarry Carey
Captain of the William Brown
Harry Carey was:
Portrait of Olympe BradnaOlympe Bradna
Olympe Bradna was:
Portrait of Robert CummingsRobert Cummings
George Martin
Robert Cummings was:
Portrait of Porter HallPorter Hall
Court Prosecutor
Porter Hall was:
Portrait of George ZuccoGeorge Zucco
George Zucco was:
Portrait of Virginia WeidlerVirginia Weidler
Virginia Weidler was:
Portrait of Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
Gaston de Bastonet
Joseph Schildkraut was:
Portrait of Gilbert EmeryGilbert Emery
Capt. Martisel
Gilbert Emery was:
Portrait of Lucien LittlefieldLucien Littlefield
Lucien Littlefield was:
Portrait of Paul FixPaul Fix
Paul Fix was:
Portrait of Tully MarshallTully Marshall
Tully Marshall was:
Portrait of Monte BlueMonte Blue
Monte Blue was:
Portrait of Stanley FieldsStanley Fields
Stanley Fields was:
Portrait of Baby PeggyBaby Peggy
Bit Role (uncredited)
Baby Peggy was:
Portrait of Robert BarratRobert Barrat
The Reverend (uncredited)
Robert Barrat was:
Portrait of Lina BasquetteLina Basquette
Brunette in Saloon (uncredited)
Lina Basquette was:
Portrait of Leslie FrancisLeslie Francis
Woodley's Secretary (uncredited)
Leslie Francis was:
Portrait of Forrester HarveyForrester Harvey
Pub Proprietor (uncredited)
Forrester Harvey was:
Portrait of Fay HoldenFay Holden
Mrs. Martin (uncredited)
Fay Holden was:
Portrait of Olaf HyttenOlaf Hytten
Proprietor (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten was:
Portrait of Ben TaggartBen Taggart
Ship's Officer (uncredited)
Ben Taggart was:
Portrait of Colin TapleyColin Tapley
Donaldson (uncredited)
Colin Tapley was:
Portrait of Jameson ThomasJameson Thomas
Pelton (uncredited)
Jameson Thomas was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Vice Admiral (uncredited)
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Blue WashingtonBlue Washington
Ship Slave (uncredited)
Blue Washington was:
Portrait of Alan LaddAlan Ladd
Sailor (uncredited)
Alan Ladd was:
Portrait of Ward BondWard Bond
Bit Part (uncredited)
Ward Bond was:
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