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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of School for Girls

School for Girls

Release Date: Thursday, March 22 1934 (88 years ago)
Portrait of Sidney FoxSidney Fox
Annette Edlridge
Sidney Fox was:
Portrait of Lois WilsonLois Wilson
Miss Cartwright
Lois Wilson was:
Portrait of Paul KellyPaul Kelly
Garry Waltham
Paul Kelly was:
Portrait of Lucille La VerneLucille La Verne
Miss Keeble
Lucille La Verne was:
Portrait of Dorothy LeeDorothy Lee
Dorothy Bosworth
Dorothy Lee was:
Portrait of Toby WingToby Wing
Hazel Jones
Toby Wing was:
Portrait of Dorothy ApplebyDorothy Appleby
Florence Burns
Dorothy Appleby was:
Portrait of Lona AndreLona Andre
Lona Andre was:
Portrait of Russell HoptonRussell Hopton
Elliott Robbins, aka Buck Kreegar
Russell Hopton was:
Portrait of Barbara WeeksBarbara Weeks
Nell Davis
Barbara Weeks was:
Portrait of Kathleen BurkeKathleen Burke
Gladys Deacon
Kathleen Burke was:
Portrait of Anna Q. NilssonAnna Q. Nilsson
Dr. Anne Galvin
Anna Q. Nilsson was:
Portrait of Purnell PrattPurnell Pratt
Inspector Jameson
Purnell Pratt was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of William FarnumWilliam Farnum
Charles Waltham
William Farnum was:
Portrait of Charles RayCharles Ray
Charles Ray was:
Portrait of Mary FoyMary Foy
Miss Gage
Mary Foy was:
Portrait of Anne ShirleyAnne Shirley
Catherine Fogarty (as Dawn O'Day)
Anne Shirley was:
Portrait of Myrtle StedmanMyrtle Stedman
Mrs. Winters
Myrtle Stedman was:
Portrait of Eddie KaneEddie Kane
Ted (as Edward Kane)
Eddie Kane was:
Portrait of Gretta GouldGretta Gould
Mrs. Smoot
Gretta Gould was:
Portrait of George ClevelandGeorge Cleveland
George Cleveland was:
Portrait of Helene ChadwickHelene Chadwick
Helene Chadwick was:
Portrait of Helen FosterHelen Foster
Helen Foster was:
Portrait of Fred KelseyFred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey was:
Portrait of Edward LeSaintEdward LeSaint
Edward LeSaint was:
Portrait of Harry WoodsHarry Woods
Harry Woods was:
Portrait of Jack KennedyJack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy was:
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