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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Let Them Live

Let Them Live

Release Date: Sunday, April 25 1937 (85 years ago)
Portrait of John HowardJohn Howard
Dr. Paul Martin
John Howard was:
Portrait of Nan GreyNan Grey
Judith Marshall
Nan Grey was:
Portrait of Edward EllisEdward Ellis
Pete Lindsey
Edward Ellis was:
Portrait of Judith BarrettJudith Barrett
Rita Johnson
Judith Barrett was:
Portrait of Robert WilcoxRobert Wilcox
Dr. Donald Clipton
Robert Wilcox was:
Portrait of Benny BartlettBenny Bartlett
Benny Bartlett was:
Portrait of Henry KolkerHenry Kolker
Judge Lederer
Henry Kolker was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
The Mayor
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of William B. DavidsonWilliam B. Davidson
The Editor
William B. Davidson was:
Portrait of Ralph RemleyRalph Remley
Ralph Remley was:
Portrait of Zeni VatoriZeni Vatori
Greek Waiter
Zeni Vatori was:
Portrait of Harry C. BradleyHarry C. Bradley
Train Conductor
Harry C. Bradley was:
Portrait of Frank Coghlan Jr.Frank Coghlan Jr.
Frank Coghlan Jr. was:
Portrait of Mabel ColcordMabel Colcord
Undetermined Role
Mabel Colcord was:
Portrait of Irene ColemanIrene Coleman
Irene Coleman was:
Portrait of Jim FarleyJim Farley
Jim Farley was:
Portrait of William GouldWilliam Gould
Pullman Conductor
William Gould was:
Portrait of Russell HicksRussell Hicks
Newspaper Editor
Russell Hicks was:
Portrait of Thomas E. JacksonThomas E. Jackson
Thomas E. Jackson was:
Portrait of Edward LeSaintEdward LeSaint
Edward LeSaint was:
Portrait of Michael LoringMichael Loring
Pete Dailey
Michael Loring was:
Portrait of John MackJohn Mack
Police Sergeant
John Mack was:
Portrait of Margaret MannMargaret Mann
Undetermined Role
Margaret Mann was:
Portrait of Alphonse MartellAlphonse Martell
Alphonse Martell was:
Portrait of Tony MerloTony Merlo
Tony Merlo was:
Portrait of Lee PhelpsLee Phelps
Lee Phelps was:
Portrait of William RuhlWilliam Ruhl
William Ruhl was:
Portrait of Edwin StanleyEdwin Stanley
Edwin Stanley was:
Portrait of Larry SteersLarry Steers
Larry Steers was:
Portrait of Walter WalkerWalter Walker
Dr. Vlissing
Walter Walker was:
Portrait of Delmar WatsonDelmar Watson
Boy in Orphanage
Delmar Watson was:
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