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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Juarez


Release Date: Saturday, June 10 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Paul MuniPaul Muni
Benito Pablo Juárez
Paul Muni was:
Portrait of Bette DavisBette Davis
Empress Carlotta von Hapsburg
Bette Davis was:
Portrait of Brian AherneBrian Aherne
Emperor Maximilian von Hapsburg
Brian Aherne was:
Portrait of Claude RainsClaude Rains
Emperor Louis Napoleon III
Claude Rains was:
Portrait of John GarfieldJohn Garfield
General Porfirio Diaz
John Garfield was:
Portrait of Donald CrispDonald Crisp
Maréchal Bazaine
Donald Crisp was:
Portrait of Joseph CalleiaJoseph Calleia
Alejandro Uradi
Joseph Calleia was:
Portrait of Gale SondergaardGale Sondergaard
Empress Eugenie
Gale Sondergaard was:
Portrait of Gilbert RolandGilbert Roland
Colonel Miguel Lopez
Gilbert Roland was:
Portrait of Henry O'NeillHenry O'Neill
General Miguel Miramon
Henry O'Neill was:
Portrait of Harry DavenportHarry Davenport
Dr. Samuel Basch
Harry Davenport was:
Portrait of Louis CalhernLouis Calhern
Louis Calhern was:
Portrait of Walter KingsfordWalter Kingsford
Prince Richard Metternich
Walter Kingsford was:
Portrait of Georgia CaineGeorgia Caine
Lady in Waiting
Georgia Caine was:
Portrait of Montagu LoveMontagu Love
Jose de Montares
Montagu Love was:
Portrait of John MiljanJohn Miljan
Mariano Escobedo
John Miljan was:
Portrait of Vladimir SokoloffVladimir Sokoloff
Vladimir Sokoloff was:
Portrait of Irving PichelIrving Pichel
General Carbajal
Irving Pichel was:
Portrait of Pedro de CordobaPedro de Cordoba
Riva Palacio
Pedro de Cordoba was:
Portrait of Monte BlueMonte Blue
Lerdo de Tajada
Monte Blue was:
Portrait of Manuel DíazManuel Díaz
Manuel Díaz was:
Portrait of Hugh SothernHugh Sothern
John Bigelow
Hugh Sothern was:
Portrait of Mickey KuhnMickey Kuhn
Augustin Iturbide
Mickey Kuhn was:
Portrait of Billy WilkersonBilly Wilkerson
Tomas Mejia
Billy Wilkerson was:
Portrait of Martín GarralagaMartín Garralaga
Martín Garralaga was:
Portrait of Frank LackteenFrank Lackteen
Frank Lackteen was:
Portrait of Egon BrecherEgon Brecher
Baron von Magnus (uncredited)
Egon Brecher was:
Portrait of Gennaro CurciGennaro Curci
Señor de Leon (uncredited)
Gennaro Curci was:
Portrait of Carlos De ValdezCarlos De Valdez
Tailor (uncredited)
Carlos De Valdez was:
Portrait of Claudia DellClaudia Dell
Agnes Salm (uncredited)
Claudia Dell was:
Portrait of Claire Du BreyClaire Du Brey
Woman (uncredited)
Claire Du Brey was:
Portrait of Walter FennerWalter Fenner
Achille Fould (uncredited)
Walter Fenner was:
Portrait of Robert FrazerRobert Frazer
Robert Frazer was:
Portrait of Holmes HerbertHolmes Herbert
Marshal Randon (uncredited)
Holmes Herbert was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Soldier with Letter to Maximilian (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Noble JohnsonNoble Johnson
General Regules (uncredited)
Noble Johnson was:
Portrait of Alexander LeftwichAlexander Leftwich
Drouyn de Lhuys (uncredited)
Alexander Leftwich was:
Portrait of Fred MalatestaFred Malatesta
Señor Salas (uncredited)
Fred Malatesta was:
Portrait of Lillian NicholsonLillian Nicholson
Josefa Iturbide (uncredited)
Lillian Nicholson was:
Portrait of Paul PorcasiPaul Porcasi
Councilman in Meeting with Maximilian (uncredited)
Paul Porcasi was:
Portrait of Guy Bates PostGuy Bates Post
Guy Bates Post was:
Portrait of Pedro RegasPedro Regas
Antonio Regales (uncredited)
Pedro Regas was:
Portrait of Frank ReicherFrank Reicher
Duc de Morny (uncredited)
Frank Reicher was:
Portrait of Jason Robards Sr.Jason Robards Sr.
Jason Robards Sr. was:
Portrait of Dewey RobinsonDewey Robinson
Soldier Collecting Signatures (uncredited)
Dewey Robinson was:
Portrait of Walter O. StahlWalter O. Stahl
Senator de Valle (uncredited)
Walter O. Stahl was:
Portrait of Michael VisaroffMichael Visaroff
Michael Visaroff was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Major Du Pont (uncredited)
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Douglas WoodDouglas Wood
Mr. Hartman (uncredited)
Douglas Wood was:
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