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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Fury at Furnace Creek

Fury at Furnace Creek

Release Date: Friday, April 30 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Victor MatureVictor Mature
Cash Blackwell / Tex Cameron
Victor Mature was:
Portrait of Coleen GrayColeen Gray
Molly Baxter
Coleen Gray was:
Portrait of Glenn LanganGlenn Langan
Capt. Rufe Blackwell / Sam Gilmore
Glenn Langan was:
Portrait of Reginald GardinerReginald Gardiner
Capt. Grover A. Walsh
Reginald Gardiner was:
Portrait of Albert DekkerAlbert Dekker
Edward Leverett
Albert Dekker was:
Portrait of Fred ClarkFred Clark
Fred Clark was:
Portrait of Charles KemperCharles Kemper
Peaceful Jones
Charles Kemper was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Gen. Fletcher Blackwell
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of George ClevelandGeorge Cleveland
George Cleveland was:
Portrait of Roy RobertsRoy Roberts
Al Shanks
Roy Roberts was:
Portrait of Willard RobertsonWillard Robertson
Gen. Leads
Willard Robertson was:
Portrait of Griff BarnettGriff Barnett
Griff Barnett was:
Portrait of J. Farrell MacDonaldJ. Farrell MacDonald
Pops Murphy (uncredited)
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Portrait of Jay SilverheelsJay Silverheels
Little Dog (uncredited)
Jay Silverheels was:
Portrait of Cap SomersCap Somers
Trial Spectator (uncredited)
Cap Somers was:
Portrait of Ray TealRay Teal
Sergeant (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Portrait of Robert B. WilliamsRobert B. Williams
Stranger (uncredited)
Robert B. Williams was:
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