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Poster of Devil's Island

Devil's Island

Release Date: Saturday, January 7 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Boris KarloffBoris Karloff
Dr. Charles Gaudet
Boris Karloff was:
Portrait of Nedda HarriganNedda Harrigan
Madame Lucien
Nedda Harrigan was:
Portrait of James StephensonJames Stephenson
Col. Armand Lucien
James Stephenson was:
Portrait of Adia KuznetzoffAdia Kuznetzoff
Adia Kuznetzoff was:
Portrait of Rolla GourvitchRolla Gourvitch
Rolla Gourvitch was:
Portrait of Will StantonWill Stanton
Will Stanton was:
Portrait of Edward KeaneEdward Keane
Dr. Duval
Edward Keane was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Pedro de CordobaPedro de Cordoba
Pedro de Cordoba was:
Portrait of Tom WilsonTom Wilson
Tom Wilson was:
Portrait of John HarmonJohn Harmon
John Harmon was:
Portrait of Richard BondRichard Bond
Richard Bond was:
Portrait of Earl GunnEarl Gunn
Earl Gunn was:
Portrait of Sidney BraceySidney Bracey
Sidney Bracey was:
Portrait of George LloydGeorge Lloyd
George Lloyd was:
Portrait of Charles RichmanCharles Richman
Governor Beaufort
Charles Richman was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Gustav LeBrun
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Leonard MudieLeonard Mudie
Advocate General
Leonard Mudie was:
Portrait of Egon BrecherEgon Brecher
Egon Brecher was:
Portrait of Frank ReicherFrank Reicher
President of Assize Court
Frank Reicher was:
Portrait of James BlaineJames Blaine
James Blaine was:
Portrait of Dick BotillerDick Botiller
Pilot of Escape Boat
Dick Botiller was:
Portrait of Al BridgeAl Bridge
Captain of the Guards
Al Bridge was:
Portrait of Nat CarrNat Carr
Court Clerk
Nat Carr was:
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Gendarme on Train
Glen Cavender was:
Portrait of Davison ClarkDavison Clark
Captain of Gendarmes
Davison Clark was:
Portrait of Neal ClisbyNeal Clisby
Neal Clisby was:
Portrait of Harry CordingHarry Cording
Guard Accepting Bribe
Harry Cording was:
Portrait of Gino CorradoGino Corrado
Man Escaping Gendarmes with Debriac
Gino Corrado was:
Portrait of Earl DwireEarl Dwire
Earl Dwire was:
Portrait of Eddie FosterEddie Foster
Supply Clerk
Eddie Foster was:
Portrait of Galan GaltGalan Galt
Galan Galt was:
Portrait of Sol GorssSol Gorss
Guard Escorting Gaudet After Operation
Sol Gorss was:
Portrait of Frank HagneyFrank Hagney
Frank Hagney was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
Captain of Second Convict Ship
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Ben Hendricks Jr.Ben Hendricks Jr.
François - Sergeant of the Guards
Ben Hendricks Jr. was:
Portrait of Stanley KingStanley King
Stanley King was:
Portrait of Vera LewisVera Lewis
Gaudet's Housekeeper
Vera Lewis was:
Portrait of Billy McClainBilly McClain
Governor's Servant
Billy McClain was:
Portrait of Henry OthoHenry Otho
Guard Handcuffing Pierre
Henry Otho was:
Portrait of Paul PanzerPaul Panzer
Jury Foreman
Paul Panzer was:
Portrait of Alonzo PriceAlonzo Price
Capt. Edvard Fearreau of the First Convict Ship
Alonzo Price was:
Portrait of Dick RichDick Rich
Guard Drugged by Gaudet
Dick Rich was:
Portrait of Cliff SaumCliff Saum
Uniformed Gendarme
Cliff Saum was:
Portrait of Francis SaylesFrancis Sayles
Boatman Taking Madame Lucien to Mainland
Francis Sayles was:
Portrait of Earl SmithEarl Smith
Daniel - Madame Lucien's Servant
Earl Smith was:
Portrait of Walter SoderlingWalter Soderling
Wagon Driver
Walter Soderling was:
Portrait of Elliott SullivanElliott Sullivan
Gate Guard
Elliott Sullivan was:
Portrait of Don TurnerDon Turner
Guard Escorting Gaudet After Operation
Don Turner was:
Portrait of Douglas WilliamsDouglas Williams
Douglas Williams was:
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