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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Almost a Gentleman

Almost a Gentleman

Release Date: Friday, March 31 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of James EllisonJames Ellison
Dan Preston
James Ellison was:
Portrait of Helen WoodHelen Wood
Shirley Haddon
Helen Wood was:
Portrait of Robert KentRobert Kent
Robert Mabrey
Robert Kent was:
Portrait of June ClayworthJune Clayworth
Marion Gates
June Clayworth was:
Portrait of Robert WarwickRobert Warwick
Major Mabrey
Robert Warwick was:
Portrait of Leonard PennLeonard Penn
Arthur Gates
Leonard Penn was:
Portrait of John WrayJohn Wray
'Crack' Williams
John Wray was:
Portrait of Brandon TynanBrandon Tynan
Jason Troop
Brandon Tynan was:
Portrait of Earle HodginsEarle Hodgins
Sheriff Ira Willis
Earle Hodgins was:
Portrait of Lynton BrentLynton Brent
Lynton Brent was:
Portrait of Joseph CrehanJoseph Crehan
Joseph Crehan was:
Portrait of Robert DudleyRobert Dudley
Robert Dudley was:
Portrait of Franklyn FarnumFranklyn Farnum
Franklyn Farnum was:
Portrait of Paul FixPaul Fix
Paul Fix was:
Portrait of Roy GordonRoy Gordon
The Judge
Roy Gordon was:
Portrait of Bud JamisonBud Jamison
Dog Show Announcer
Bud Jamison was:
Portrait of Donald KerrDonald Kerr
Donald Kerr was:
Portrait of Eddie LaughtonEddie Laughton
Eddie Laughton was:
Portrait of Wilfred LucasWilfred Lucas
Dog Show Director
Wilfred Lucas was:
Portrait of Eva McKenzieEva McKenzie
Farmer's Wife
Eva McKenzie was:
Portrait of Walter MillerWalter Miller
Walter Miller was:
Portrait of Ann ShoemakerAnn Shoemaker
Mrs. Thompson
Ann Shoemaker was:
Portrait of Harry TylerHarry Tyler
Ed Garfield
Harry Tyler was:
Portrait of Monte VandergriftMonte Vandergrift
Monte Vandergrift was:
Portrait of Anthony WardeAnthony Warde
Anthony Warde was:
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