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Release Date: 1936-11-06 (85 years ago)
Charles Laughton
Rembrandt van Rijn
Charles Laughton was:
Gertrude Lawrence
Geertje Dirx
Gertrude Lawrence was:
Elsa Lanchester
Hendrickje Stoffels
Elsa Lanchester was:
Raymond Huntley
Raymond Huntley was:
Edward Chapman
Edward Chapman was:
Walter Hudd
Capt. Banning Cocq
Walter Hudd was:
Roger Livesey
Beggar Saul
Roger Livesey was:
John Bryning
Titus van Rijn
John Bryning was:
Sam Livesey
Sam Livesey was:
Herbert Lomas
Harmenzs van Rijn
Herbert Lomas was:
Allan Jeayes
Dr. Tulp
Allan Jeayes was:
John Clements
Govaert Flinck
John Clements was:
Abraham Sofaer
Dr. Menasseh
Abraham Sofaer was:
Skelton Knaggs
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Skelton Knaggs was:
Marius Goring
Baron Leivens (uncredited)
Marius Goring was:
Laurence Hanray
Laurence Hanray was:
Austin Trevor
Marquis de Grand Coeur
Austin Trevor was:
Henry Hewitt
Jan Six
Henry Hewitt was:
Gertrude Musgrove
Gertrude Musgrove was:
Richard Gofe
Titus (child)
Richard Gofe was:
Basil Gill
Adrien van Rijn
Basil Gill was:
Barry Livesey
Peasant Lad
Barry Livesey was:
James Carney
Peasant Lad
James Carney was:
Jack Livesey
Jack Livesey was:
John Turnbull
John Turnbull was:
Edmund Willard
Van Zeeland
Edmund Willard was:
Hector Abbas
Burgher at Auction (uncredited)
Hector Abbas was:
Evelyn Ankers
Party Girl (uncredited)
Evelyn Ankers was:
Baroness Barany
Criada (uncredited)
Baroness Barany was:
Lewis Broughton
Saskia’s Brother (uncredited)
Lewis Broughton was:
Arthur Burne
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Arthur Burne was:
Frederick Burtwell
Saskia’s Brother (uncredited)
Frederick Burtwell was:
Robert Cochran
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Robert Cochran was:
Rex Evans
Civil Guardsman (uncredited)
Rex Evans was:
William Fagan
Burgomaster (uncredited)
William Fagan was:
Philip Godfrey
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Philip Godfrey was:
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Civil Guardsman (uncredited)
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Alexander Knox
Ludwick’s Assistant (uncredited)
Alexander Knox was:
Peta Mannering
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Peta Mannering was:
Joan Matheson
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Joan Matheson was:
Meinhart Maur
Ornia (uncredited)
Meinhart Maur was:
Quinton McPherson
Official (uncredited)
Quinton McPherson was:
George Merritt
Church Warden (uncredited)
George Merritt was:
Charles Paton
Burgher at Auction (uncredited)
Charles Paton was:
Hay Petrie
Jeweller (uncredited)
Hay Petrie was:
Bellenden Powell
Court Member (uncredited)
Bellenden Powell was:
George Pughe
Museum Director (uncredited)
George Pughe was:
Jerrold Robertshaw
Museum Director (uncredited)
Jerrold Robertshaw was:
Leonard Sharp
Burgher at Auction (uncredited)
Leonard Sharp was:
Laura Smithson
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Laura Smithson was:
Byron Webber
Court Member (uncredited)
Byron Webber was:
Roger Wellesley
Burgomaster’s Secretary (uncredited)
Roger Wellesley was:
Pamela Wood
Undetermined Secondary Rôle (uncredited)
Pamela Wood was:
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