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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Road to Singapore

Road to Singapore

Release Date: 1940-03-22 (81 years ago)
Bing Crosby
Joshua 'Josh' Mallon V
Bing Crosby was:
Dorothy Lamour
Dorothy Lamour was:
Bob Hope
Ace Lannigan
Bob Hope was:
Charles Coburn
Joshua Mallon IV
Charles Coburn was:
Judith Barrett
Gloria Wycott
Judith Barrett was:
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn was:
Jerry Colonna
Achilles Bombanassa
Jerry Colonna was:
Elvia Allman
Homely Girl (uncredited)
Elvia Allman was:
Johnny Arthur
Timothy Willow (uncredited)
Johnny Arthur was:
Bobby Barber
Man Hit with Soap Suds (uncredited)
Bobby Barber was:
Monte Blue
High Priest (uncredited)
Monte Blue was:
Harry C. Bradley
Secretary (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
Don Brodie
Fred (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
Arthur Q. Bryan
Bartender (uncredited)
Arthur Q. Bryan was:
James Conaty
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Carmen D'Antonio
Native Girl (uncredited)
Carmen D'Antonio was:
Paula DeCardo
Native Dancing Girl (uncredited)
Paula DeCardo was:
James Dime
Sailor in Saloon (uncredited)
James Dime was:
Devi Dja
Native Girl (uncredited)
Devi Dja was:
Gloria Franklin
Ninky Poo (uncredited)
Gloria Franklin was:
Edward Gargan
Bill - Sailor (uncredited)
Edward Gargan was:
Greta Granstedt
Babe (uncredited)
Greta Granstedt was:
Roger Gray
Cherry's Father (uncredited)
Roger Gray was:
Grace Hayle
Chaperone on Yacht (uncredited)
Grace Hayle was:
Benny Inocencio
Native Boy (uncredited)
Benny Inocencio was:
Claire James
Girl at Party (uncredited)
Claire James was:
Dorothy Jarnac
Native Girl (uncredited)
Dorothy Jarnac was:
Payne B. Johnson
Boy (uncredited)
Payne B. Johnson was:
Richard Keene
Cameraman (uncredited)
Richard Keene was:
John Kelly
Sailor (uncredited)
John Kelly was:
Kitty Kelly
Sailor's Wife (uncredited)
Kitty Kelly was:
Laura Knight
Native Girl (uncredited)
Laura Knight was:
Helen Lynd
Society Girl (uncredited)
Helen Lynd was:
Fred Malatesta
Native Policeman (uncredited)
Fred Malatesta was:
Miles Mander
Sir Malcolm Drake (uncredited)
Miles Mander was:
Louis Mercier
Man with Ruined Suit (uncredited)
Louis Mercier was:
Harold Miller
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Belle Mitchell
Native Shopkeeper (uncredited)
Belle Mitchell was:
Edmund Mortimer
Chaperone's Companion (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer was:
Charles Morton
Sailor (uncredited)
Charles Morton was:
Henry Norton
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
Henry Norton was:
Bob O'Connor
Immigration Officer (uncredited)
Bob O'Connor was:
Marguerita Padula
Proprietress (uncredited)
Marguerita Padula was:
Steve Pendleton
Gordon Wycott (uncredited)
Steve Pendleton was:
Jack Pepper
Newspaper Columnist (uncredited)
Jack Pepper was:
Esther Pressman
Native Girl (uncredited)
Esther Pressman was:
Pedro Regas
Zato - Policeman (uncredited)
Pedro Regas was:
Cyril Ring
Ship's Officer (uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Ronald R. Rondell
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
Ronald R. Rondell was:
Robert St. Angelo
Native Policeman (uncredited)
Robert St. Angelo was:
Larry Steers
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
Larry Steers was:
Jack Stoney
Tough Guy (uncredited)
Jack Stoney was:
Richard Tucker
Officer on Ship (uncredited)
Richard Tucker was:
Russell Wade
Yacht Party Guest (uncredited)
Russell Wade was:
Fred Walburn
Boy (uncredited)
Fred Walburn was:
Pierre Watkin
Morgan Wycott (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin was:
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