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Papa, maman, la bonne et moi...

Papa, maman, la bonne et moi...

Release Date: 1954-11-26 (66 years ago)
Robert Lamoureux
Robert Langlois
Robert Lamoureux was:
Fernand Ledoux
Fernand Langlois
Fernand Ledoux was:
Gaby Morlay
Gabrielle Langlois
Gaby Morlay was:
Nicole Courcel
Catherine Liseray
Nicole Courcel was:
Louis de Funès
Monsieur Calomel
Louis de Funès was:
Gaston Modot
Le mendiant musicien
Gaston Modot was:
Madeleine Barbulée
Marie-Louise, la première bonne
Madeleine Barbulée was:
Yolande Laffon
Madeleine Sautaupain, l'amie de maman
Yolande Laffon was:
Robert Rollis
Léon "Alibi"
Robert Rollis was:
Sophie Sel
Une élève
Sophie Sel was:
Dominique Davray
La bouchère
Dominique Davray was:
Françoise Hornez
Françoise Hornez was:
Judith Magre
Germaine, la secrétaire
Judith Magre was:
Alix Mahieux
La petite Sylvie
Alix Mahieux was:
Sophie Mallet
Une bonne
Sophie Mallet was:
Jany Vallières
La seconde camarade (as Jany Vallieres)
Jany Vallières was:
Albert Michel
Le souffleur à la représentation (as Albert-Michel)
Albert Michel was:
Claude Castaing
(as Castaing)
Claude Castaing was:
René-Jean Chauffard
Un voisin (as Chauffard)
René-Jean Chauffard was:
René Fleur
Le notaire
René Fleur was:
Robert le Béal
Robert le Béal was:
Jacques Marin
Gaston, un voisin
Jacques Marin was:
Jean Tissier
Maître Pillat
Jean Tissier was:
Martine Cuhaciender
La petite Sylvie
Martine Cuhaciender was:
Léon Arvel
Un parent (uncredited)
Léon Arvel was:
Charles Bayard
Charles Bayard was:
Paul Bisciglia
Un locataire du sixième étage (uncredited)
Paul Bisciglia was:
Christian Brocard
Un copain de Léon (uncredited)
Christian Brocard was:
Marcel Charvey
L'homme "qui sent le veau froid" (uncredited)
Marcel Charvey was:
Yvonne Constant
Yvonne Constant was:
Henri Coutet
Henri Coutet was:
Hubert Deschamps
Le spectateur qui n'a pas dîné (uncredited)
Hubert Deschamps was:
Edouard Francomme
Un voisin célibataire (uncredited)
Edouard Francomme was:
Benoîte Labb
Benoîte Labb was:
Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Le spectateur 'qui ne dit rien' (uncredited)
Jean-Paul Le Chanois was:
Fabien Loris
Fabien Loris was:
Dominique Marcas
Henriette (uncredited)
Dominique Marcas was:
Bernard Musson
Le spectateur venu en critique (uncredited)
Bernard Musson was:
Gaëtan Noël
Gaëtan Noël was:
Laure Paillette
La spectatrice aux cheveux encombrants (uncredited)
Laure Paillette was:
Francia Séguy
Francia Séguy was:
Paul Villé
L'oncle (uncredited)
Paul Villé was:
André Wasley
André Wasley was:
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