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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Release Date: 1958-03-11 (62 years ago)
Jean Gabin
Jean Valjean / Champmathieu
Jean Gabin was:
Danièle Delorme
Danièle Delorme was:
Bernard Blier
Javert (père et fils)
Bernard Blier was:
Béatrice Altariba
Béatrice Altariba was:
Giani Esposito
Marius de Pontmercy
Giani Esposito was:
Bourvil was:
Elfriede Florin
La Thénardier
Elfriede Florin was:
Silvia Monfort
Silvia Monfort was:
Serge Reggiani
Serge Reggiani was:
Fernand Ledoux
Monseigneur Myriel
Fernand Ledoux was:
Madeleine Barbulée
Soeur Simplice
Madeleine Barbulée was:
Martine Havet
Costte à 8 ans
Martine Havet was:
Lucien Baroux
Lucien Baroux was:
Julienne Paroli
Madame Magloire
Julienne Paroli was:
Jean Ozenne
le préfet de Montreuil
Jean Ozenne was:
Isabelle Lobbe
Isabelle Lobbe was:
Jimmy Urbain
Jimmy Urbain was:
Gérard Darrieu
Gérard Darrieu was:
Jacques Harden
Jacques Harden was:
Marc Eyraud
Marc Eyraud was:
Pierre Tabard
Pierre Tabard was:
Suzanne Nivette
Mademoiselle Gillenormand
Suzanne Nivette was:
Jean Murat
le colonel Pontmercy
Jean Murat was:
Gerhard Bienert
le président du tribunal
Gerhard Bienert was:
René Fleur
le cardinal
René Fleur was:
Henri Guégan
Un ami de l'ABC
Henri Guégan was:
Luc Andrieux
Un ouvrier
Luc Andrieux was:
Harry Hindemith
un bagnard
Harry Hindemith was:
Bernard Musson
un bourgeois
Bernard Musson was:
Gabrielle Fontan
la supérieure du couvent
Gabrielle Fontan was:
Paul Villé
Paul Villé was:
Edmond Ardisson
Un gendarme
Edmond Ardisson was:
Christian Fourcade
Le petit ramoneur
Christian Fourcade was:
Robert Bazil
Un commissaire
Robert Bazil was:
Louis Arbessier
Le préfet
Louis Arbessier was:
Laure Paillette
La servante, rue Plumet
Laure Paillette was:
Jean d'Yd
Le père Mabeuf
Jean d'Yd was:
Émile Genevois
Le cocher de l'omnibus
Émile Genevois was:
Jean Favre-Bertin
La 'mort'
Jean Favre-Bertin was:
François Darbon
le médecin
François Darbon was:
Jean Topart
Récitant / Narrator (voix)
Jean Topart was:
Pierre Moncorbier
Pierre Moncorbier was:
Mag-Avril was:
Pierre Ferval
Pierre Ferval was:
Julien Maffre
Julien Maffre was:
Jean Blancheur
Jean Blancheur was:
Rodolphe Marcilly
Rodolphe Marcilly was:
Jacques Marin
Le messager
Jacques Marin was:
Henri Coutet
Henri Coutet was:
Raymonde Vattier
Raymonde Vattier was:
Palmyre Levasseur
Palmyre Levasseur was:
Paul Bonifas
Paul Bonifas was:
André Dalibert
André Dalibert was:
Arlette Patrick
Arlette Patrick was:
Marcel Rouzé
Marcel Rouzé was:
André Wasley
André Wasley was:
Edouard Francomme
Edouard Francomme was:
Frank Morris
Frank Morris was:
Georges Atlas
Georges Atlas was:
Fredy Barten
Fredy Barten was:
Christoph Beyertt
Christoph Beyertt was:
Trude Brentina
Trude Brentina was:
Horst Buder
Horst Buder was:
Werner Dissel
Werner Dissel was:
Gerhard Einert
Gerhard Einert was:
Hans Finohr
Hans Finohr was:
Johannes Knittel
Johannes Knittel was:
Waltraut Kramm
Waltraut Kramm was:
Hans Ulrich Laufer
Hans Ulrich Laufer was:
Wolfgang Lippert
Wolfgang Lippert was:
Rolf Moebius
Avocat général
Rolf Moebius was:
Kurt Mühlhardt
Kurt Mühlhardt was:
Erich Nadler
Erich Nadler was:
Klara Reschke
Klara Reschke was:
Karl Schnog
Karl Schnog was:
Werner Segtrop
Défenseur du tribunal
Werner Segtrop was:
Elisabeth Süssenguth
Elisabeth Süssenguth was:
Nico Turoff
Nico Turoff was:
Fabian Wander
Fabian Wander was:
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