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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of God Told Me To

God Told Me To

Release Date: Friday, October 22 1976 (46 years ago)
Portrait of Tony Lo BiancoTony Lo Bianco
Peter J. Nicholas
Tony Lo Bianco was:
Portrait of Deborah RaffinDeborah Raffin
Casey Forster
Deborah Raffin was:
Portrait of Sandy DennisSandy Dennis
Martha Nicholas
Sandy Dennis was:
Portrait of Sylvia SidneySylvia Sidney
Elizabeth Mullin
Sylvia Sidney was:
Portrait of Sam LeveneSam Levene
Everett Lukas
Sam Levene was:
Portrait of Robert DrivasRobert Drivas
David Morten
Robert Drivas was:
Portrait of Mike KellinMike Kellin
Deputy Commissioner
Mike Kellin was:
Portrait of Richard LynchRichard Lynch
Bernard Phillips
Richard Lynch was:
Portrait of Sammy WilliamsSammy Williams
Harold Gorman
Sammy Williams was:
Portrait of Jo Flores ChaseJo Flores Chase
Mrs. Gorman
Jo Flores Chase was:
Portrait of William RoerickWilliam Roerick
William Roerick was:
Portrait of Lester RawlinsLester Rawlins
Board Chairman
Lester Rawlins was:
Portrait of Harry BellaverHarry Bellaver
Harry Bellaver was:
Portrait of George PattersonGeorge Patterson
George Patterson was:
Portrait of Walter SteeleWalter Steele
Walter Steele was:
Portrait of John HeffernanJohn Heffernan
John Heffernan was:
Portrait of Alan CauldwellAlan Cauldwell
Bramwell as a Youth
Alan Cauldwell was:
Portrait of Robert NicholsRobert Nichols
Robert Nichols was:
Portrait of Andy KaufmanAndy Kaufman
Police Assassin
Andy Kaufman was:
Portrait of Al FannAl Fann
Detective Squad
Al Fann was:
Portrait of James DixonJames Dixon
Detective Squad
James Dixon was:
Portrait of Bobby RamsenBobby Ramsen
Detective Squad
Bobby Ramsen was:
Portrait of Peter HockPeter Hock
Detective Squad
Peter Hock was:
Portrait of Alex StevensAlex Stevens
Detective Squad
Alex Stevens was:
Portrait of Harry MadsenHarry Madsen
Detective Squad
Harry Madsen was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
Detective Squad
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of Sherry SteinerSherry Steiner
Mrs. Phillips as a Girl
Sherry Steiner was:
Portrait of James DukasJames Dukas
James Dukas was:
Portrait of Mason AdamsMason Adams
Mason Adams was:
Portrait of William BressantWilliam Bressant
Police Officer
William Bressant was:
Portrait of Armand DahanArmand Dahan
Fruit Vendor
Armand Dahan was:
Portrait of Vida TaylorVida Taylor
Miss Mullin as a Girl
Vida Taylor was:
Portrait of Adrian JamesAdrian James
Adrian James was:
Portrait of Lelia MartinLelia Martin
Nurse Jackson (as Leila Martin)
Lelia Martin was:
Portrait of Michael PendryMichael Pendry
Michael Pendry was:
Portrait of Dan ResinDan Resin
Wall Street Executive
Dan Resin was:
Portrait of Sandro MancoriSandro Mancori
Wall Street Executive (as Alexander Clark)
Sandro Mancori was:
Portrait of Marvin SilbisherMarvin Silbisher
Wall Street Executive
Marvin Silbisher was:
Portrait of Harry EnoHarry Eno
Medical Examiner
Harry Eno was:
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