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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Over the Wall

Over the Wall

Release Date: 1938-04-02 (83 years ago)
Dick Foran
Jerry Davis
Dick Foran was:
June Travis
Kay Norton
June Travis was:
John Litel
Father Neil Connor
John Litel was:
Dick Purcell
Ace Scanlon
Dick Purcell was:
Veda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg was:
George E. Stone
Gyp Hatton
George E. Stone was:
Ward Bond
Eddie Edwards
Ward Bond was:
John Hamilton
Warden Vance
John Hamilton was:
Jonathan Hale
Governor James McDonald
Jonathan Hale was:
Tommy Bupp
Jimmy Davis
Tommy Bupp was:
Robert Homans
John Davis
Robert Homans was:
Mabel Hart
Mrs. Davis
Mabel Hart was:
Raymond Hatton
Raymond Hatton was:
Alan Davis
Joe - Policeman
Alan Davis was:
Eddy Chandler
Prison Keeper
Eddy Chandler was:
Eleanor Bayley
Elsie - Girl at Beach
Eleanor Bayley was:
Ed Brady
Ed Brady was:
Glen Cavender
Referee for Robeck Fight
Glen Cavender was:
Lane Chandler
Boiler Room Guard
Lane Chandler was:
Billy Coe
Timekeeper at Fight
Billy Coe was:
Jimmy Conlin
Davis' Handler
Jimmy Conlin was:
Kernan Cripps
Prison Guard
Kernan Cripps was:
William Crowell
William Crowell was:
Joe Cunningham
Robeck's Handler
Joe Cunningham was:
Ralph Dunn
Prison Guard
Ralph Dunn was:
Sam Flint
Sam Flint was:
Eddie Foster
Prison Orchestra Organist
Eddie Foster was:
Galan Galt
Second Boiler Room Guard
Galan Galt was:
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner was:
Sol Gorss
Hospital Trusty
Sol Gorss was:
Kit Guard
Kit Guard was:
Fred Hamilton
Ring Attendant
Fred Hamilton was:
John Harron
Gus - Policeman at Morgue
John Harron was:
Al Herman
Al Herman was:
John Hiestand
Radio Announcer at Governor's Broadcast
John Hiestand was:
Leyland Hodgson
Defense Counsel
Leyland Hodgson was:
Harry Hollingsworth
Policeman at Scanlon's
Harry Hollingsworth was:
Stuart Holmes
Jury Foreman
Stuart Holmes was:
I. Stanford Jolley
I. Stanford Jolley was:
Charles Jordan
Convict Trusty
Charles Jordan was:
Brady Kline
Prison Guard
Brady Kline was:
Mike Lally
Tough Convict
Mike Lally was:
Carole Landis
Peggy - Girl at Beach
Carole Landis was:
Anderson Lawler
Anderson Lawler was:
Ethelreda Leopold
Scanlon's New Blonde Girlfriend
Ethelreda Leopold was:
Al Lloyd
Morgue Attendant
Al Lloyd was:
Wilfred Lucas
Cell Block Keeper
Wilfred Lucas was:
Priscilla Lyon
Scrappy Little Girl
Priscilla Lyon was:
Bill Marceau
Prison Doctor
Bill Marceau was:
Frank Marlowe
Prison Photographer
Frank Marlowe was:
Allen Mathews
Prison Guard
Allen Mathews was:
Larry McGrath
Ring Announcer in Robeck Fight
Larry McGrath was:
Walter Miller
Lee - Prison Guard Who Sees Fight
Walter Miller was:
Louis Natheaux
Prison Fingerprinter
Louis Natheaux was:
David Newell
Governor's Secretary
David Newell was:
Jimmy O'Gatty
Al Robeck - Fighter
Jimmy O'Gatty was:
Henry Otho
Bruiser in Pinball Room
Henry Otho was:
Lee Phelps
Patrolman Who Arrests Davis
Lee Phelps was:
Sandra Ramoy
Alice - Girl at Beach
Sandra Ramoy was:
Herbert Rawlinson
Herbert Rawlinson was:
John J. Richardson
Ring Attendant
John J. Richardson was:
Cliff Saum
Policeman at Beach
Cliff Saum was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Cy Schindell
Shower Room Guard
Cy Schindell was:
Frank Shannon
Duke Slattery - Policeman with Warrant
Frank Shannon was:
Lee Shumway
Prison Guard
Lee Shumway was:
Elliott Sullivan
Chic Metzer - Henchman
Elliott Sullivan was:
Don Turner
Loogan - in Pinball Room
Don Turner was:
Blue Washington
Convict Playing Guitar
Blue Washington was:
Dick Wessel
Convict in Machine Shop with Gyp
Dick Wessel was:
Huey White
Tough Convict
Huey White was:
Blackie Whiteford
Blackie Whiteford was:
Tom Wilson
Pinball Proprietor
Tom Wilson was:
Jack Wise
Clothesbox Convict Trusty
Jack Wise was:
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