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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2016-09-30 (5 years ago)
Rachel Weisz
Deborah Lipstadt
Rachel Weisz was:
Tom Wilkinson
Richard Rampton
Tom Wilkinson was:
Timothy Spall
David Irving
Timothy Spall was:
Andrew Scott
Anthony Julius
Andrew Scott was:
Jack Lowden
James Libson
Jack Lowden was:
Caren Pistorius
Laura Tyler
Caren Pistorius was:
Alex Jennings
Sir Charles Gray
Alex Jennings was:
Harriet Walter
Vera Reich
Harriet Walter was:
Mark Gatiss
Professor Robert Jan van der Pelt
Mark Gatiss was:
John Sessions
Prof. Richard Evans
John Sessions was:
Nikki Amuka-Bird
Libby Holbrook
Nikki Amuka-Bird was:
Pip Carter
Anthony Forbes-Watson
Pip Carter was:
Jackie Clune
Heather Rogers
Jackie Clune was:
Will Attenborough
Thomas Skelton Robinson
Will Attenborough was:
Max Befort
Nik Wachsman
Max Befort was:
Daniel Cerqueira
Sam Glass
Daniel Cerqueira was:
Laurel Lefkow
Storm Glass
Laurel Lefkow was:
Elliot Levey
Roger Levy
Elliot Levey was:
Helen Bradbury
Rachel Levy
Helen Bradbury was:
Jacob Krichefski
Rabbi Brenner
Jacob Krichefski was:
Abigail Cruttenden
Janine Stone
Abigail Cruttenden was:
Hilton McRae
Judge John Trench
Hilton McRae was:
Andrea Deck
Andrea Deck was:
Lachele Carl
Lachele Carl was:
Edward Franklin
Edward Franklin was:
Sally Messham
Sally Messham was:
Sean Power
Sean Power was:
Tom Clarke Hill
Sam Dixon
Tom Clarke Hill was:
Amber Batty
Kate Kelland
Amber Batty was:
Paul Hunter
Judge's Clerk
Paul Hunter was:
Amanda Lawrence
Court Usher
Amanda Lawrence was:
Ziggy Heath
Ziggy Heath was:
Todd Boyce
Todd Boyce was:
Sara Powell
Sara Powell was:
Nicholas Tennant
Angry Man
Nicholas Tennant was:
Jeremy Paxman
Himself (Archive Footage)
Jeremy Paxman was:
Amuka-Bird Nikki
Libby Holbrook
Amuka-Bird Nikki was:
Paul Bailey
Paralegal #1 (uncredited)
Paul Bailey was:
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