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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Keep

The Keep

Release Date: 1983-12-16 (36 years ago)
Scott Glenn
Glaeken Trismegestus
Scott Glenn was:
Alberta Watson
Eva Cuza
Alberta Watson was:
Jürgen Prochnow
Captain Klaus Woermann
Jürgen Prochnow was:
Robert Prosky
Father Mihail Fonescu
Robert Prosky was:
Gabriel Byrne
Major Kaempffer
Gabriel Byrne was:
Ian McKellen
Dr. Theodore Cuza
Ian McKellen was:
William Morgan Sheppard
William Morgan Sheppard was:
Royston Tickner
Royston Tickner was:
Michael Carter
Radu Molasar
Michael Carter was:
John Vine
John Vine was:
Wolf Kahler
S.S. Adjutant
Wolf Kahler was:
Jona Jones
Jona Jones was:
Rosalie Crutchley
Rosalie Crutchley was:
Frederick Warder
Border Guard 1
Frederick Warder was:
Bruce Payne
Border Guard 2
Bruce Payne was:
David Cardy
Alexandru's Son
David Cardy was:
John Eastham
Alexandru's Second Son
John Eastham was:
Philip Bloomfield
Josefa's Son
Philip Bloomfield was:
Yashaw Adem
Yashaw Adem was:
Stephen Whittaker
S.S. Kommando
Stephen Whittaker was:
Ian Ruskin
S.S. Kommando
Ian Ruskin was:
Stephen Jenn
S.S. Kommando
Stephen Jenn was:
Benedick Blythe
S.S. Kommando
Benedick Blythe was:
Robin Langford
S.S. Kommando
Robin Langford was:
Renny Krupinski
Wehrmacht Soldier
Renny Krupinski was:
Peter Guinness
Wehrmacht Soldier
Peter Guinness was:
Sean Baker
Wehrmacht Soldier
Sean Baker was:
Timothy Block
Wehrmacht Soldier
Timothy Block was:
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