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Broadway Hostess

Broadway Hostess

Release Date: 1935-12-07 (86 years ago)
Wini Shaw
Winnie Wharton
Wini Shaw was:
Genevieve Tobin
Iris Marvin
Genevieve Tobin was:
Lyle Talbot
Lucky Lorimer
Lyle Talbot was:
Allen Jenkins
Fishcake Carter
Allen Jenkins was:
Phil Regan
Tommy Blake
Phil Regan was:
Marie Wilson
Dorothy Dubois
Marie Wilson was:
Spring Byington
Mrs. Duncan-Griswold-Wembly-Smythe
Spring Byington was:
Joe King
Big Joe Jarvis
Joe King was:
Donald Ross
Ronnie Marvin
Donald Ross was:
Frank Dawson
Morse - Iris' Butler
Frank Dawson was:
Harry Seymour
Club Intime Emcee
Harry Seymour was:
Sam Ash
Cascade Nightclub Emcee (uncredited)
Sam Ash was:
Ward Bond
Lucky's Henchman (uncredited)
Ward Bond was:
Mary Treen
Nurse (uncredited)
Mary Treen was:
Brooks Benedict
Man in Gambling House (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Nick Copeland
Andy (uncredited)
Nick Copeland was:
Virginia Dabney
Lucky's Secretary (uncredited)
Virginia Dabney was:
Bill Elliott
Playboy in 'Playboy of Paree' Number (uncredited)
Bill Elliott was:
Eddie Graham
Man at Party (uncredited)
Eddie Graham was:
Al Herman
Bill Grady (uncredited)
Al Herman was:
Stuart Holmes
Stage Electrician (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
John Larkin
Mose (uncredited)
John Larkin was:
Wilbur Mack
Lawyer (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack was:
Alphonse Martell
Bartender in 'Playboy of Paree' Number (uncredited)
Alphonse Martell was:
Edmund Mortimer
Banker (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer was:
Louis Natheaux
Tony (uncredited)
Louis Natheaux was:
Dennis O'Keefe
Donald Ross - Ronnie's Friend (uncredited)
Dennis O'Keefe was:
Richard Powell
Third Member of Quartet in 'Playboy of Paree' Number (uncredited)
Richard Powell was:
Constantine Romanoff
Man in Gym (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff was:
Matty Roubert
Second Newsboy (uncredited)
Matty Roubert was:
Eddie Shubert
Joe - a Detective (uncredited)
Eddie Shubert was:
Mary Stewart
Chorus / Dancer (uncredited)
Mary Stewart was:
David Thursby
Horse Groom (uncredited)
David Thursby was:
June Travis
Mrs. Bannister (uncredited)
June Travis was:
Victoria Vinton
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Victoria Vinton was:
Pat West
Jailer (uncredited)
Pat West was:
Leo White
Henri - Beauty Salon Owner (uncredited)
Leo White was:
Jack Wise
Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
Jane Wyman
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Jane Wyman was:
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