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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks

Release Date: Saturday, March 30 1985 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Colin BakerColin Baker
The Doctor
Colin Baker was:
Portrait of Nicola BryantNicola Bryant
Peri Brown
Nicola Bryant was:
Portrait of Terry MolloyTerry Molloy
Terry Molloy was:
Portrait of Eleanor BronEleanor Bron
Eleanor Bron was:
Portrait of Hugh WaltersHugh Walters
Hugh Walters was:
Portrait of Clive SwiftClive Swift
Professor Jobel
Clive Swift was:
Portrait of Jenny TomasinJenny Tomasin
Jenny Tomasin was:
Portrait of Trevor CooperTrevor Cooper
Trevor Cooper was:
Portrait of Colin SpaullColin Spaull
Colin Spaull was:
Portrait of Alexei SayleAlexei Sayle
Alexei Sayle was:
Portrait of William GauntWilliam Gaunt
William Gaunt was:
Portrait of John OgwenJohn Ogwen
John Ogwen was:
Portrait of Stephen FlynnStephen Flynn
Stephen Flynn was:
Portrait of Bridget Lynch-BlosseBridget Lynch-Blosse
Bridget Lynch-Blosse was:
Portrait of Alec LinsteadAlec Linstead
Arthur Stengos
Alec Linstead was:
Portrait of Penelope LeePenelope Lee
Computer (voice)
Penelope Lee was:
Portrait of John Scott MartinJohn Scott Martin
John Scott Martin was:
Portrait of Cy TownCy Town
Cy Town was:
Portrait of Tony StarrTony Starr
Tony Starr was:
Portrait of Toby ByrneToby Byrne
Toby Byrne was:
Portrait of Royce MillsRoyce Mills
Dalek (voice)
Royce Mills was:
Portrait of Roy SkeltonRoy Skelton
Dalek (voice)
Roy Skelton was:
Portrait of Ken BarkerKen Barker
Ken Barker was:
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