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Street Corner

Street Corner

Release Date: 1953-03-17 (68 years ago)
Anne Crawford
WPC Susan
Anne Crawford was:
Peggy Cummins
Bridget Foster
Peggy Cummins was:
Rosamund John
Sgt. Pauline Ramsey
Rosamund John was:
Terence Morgan
Terence Morgan was:
Barbara Murray
WPC Lucy Loggart
Barbara Murray was:
Ronald Howard
David Evans
Ronald Howard was:
Eleanor Summerfield
Edna Hurran
Eleanor Summerfield was:
Michael Medwin
Michael Medwin was:
Charles Victor
F.W. Muller
Charles Victor was:
Lily Kann
Mrs. Muller
Lily Kann was:
Dora Bryan
Dora Bryan was:
Michael Hordern
Insp. Heron
Michael Hordern was:
Joyce Carey
Miss Hopkins
Joyce Carey was:
Maurice Denham
Maurice Denham was:
Thora Hird
Mrs. Perkins
Thora Hird was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs. Foster
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Basil Lord
Ernie Hurran
Basil Lord was:
Anthony Oliver
Stanley Foster
Anthony Oliver was:
Dandy Nichols
Mrs. Furness
Dandy Nichols was:
Charlotte Mitchell
Lily Propert
Charlotte Mitchell was:
Peter Swanwick
Peter Swanwick was:
Harold Lang
Harold Lang was:
Sarah Lawson
WDC Joyce
Sarah Lawson was:
James Gilbert
PC Angus Ross
James Gilbert was:
Yvonne Marsh
Yvonne Marsh was:
Lloyd Lamble
Det. Sgt. Weston
Lloyd Lamble was:
Jean Anderson
Miss Haversham - Store Detective
Jean Anderson was:
Nelly Arno
Customer at Jewellers
Nelly Arno was:
Michael Ward
Jewellery Salesman
Michael Ward was:
Desmond Llewelyn
Police Constable
Desmond Llewelyn was:
Campbell Singer
Desk Sgt. Bates
Campbell Singer was:
Martin Wyldeck
Desk Sergeant Forbes
Martin Wyldeck was:
Brian Wilde
Pinky - Bogus Detective Sergeant
Brian Wilde was:
Russell Waters
Detective Constable Brown
Russell Waters was:
John Warwick
Insp. Gray
John Warwick was:
Peter Swanwick
Mr Propert
Peter Swanwick was:
John Stuart
John Stuart was:
Pat Nye
Edna's C.S.M
Pat Nye was:
Fanny Rowe
Edna's C.O.
Fanny Rowe was:
John Salew
Embarrassed Nightclub Patron
John Salew was:
Myrtle Reed
Ruby Masters
Myrtle Reed was:
Kathleen Michaels
Mrs Dawson
Kathleen Michaels was:
Brian Kent
Mr Potter
Brian Kent was:
David Horne
David Horne was:
Eunice Gayson
Eunice Gayson was:
Leo Bieber
Herman J. Schultz - Solicitor
Leo Bieber was:
Archie Duncan
Chief Inspector
Archie Duncan was:
Isabel George
Isabel George was:
John Boxer
Policeman Outside Jewellers
John Boxer was:
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