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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The World of Henry Orient

The World of Henry Orient

Release Date: 1964-03-19 (57 years ago)
Peter Sellers
Henry Orient
Peter Sellers was:
Paula Prentiss
Stella Dunnworthy
Paula Prentiss was:
Angela Lansbury
Isabel Boyd
Angela Lansbury was:
Tom Bosley
Frank Boyd
Tom Bosley was:
Phyllis Thaxter
Mrs. Avis Gilbert
Phyllis Thaxter was:
Bibi Osterwald
Erica 'Boothy' Booth
Bibi Osterwald was:
Merrie Spaeth
Marian 'Gil' Gilbert
Merrie Spaeth was:
Tippy Walker
Valarie Campbell Boyd
Tippy Walker was:
John Fiedler
John Fiedler was:
Al Lewis
Store Owner
Al Lewis was:
Peter Duchin
Joe Daniels
Peter Duchin was:
Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart was:
Philippa Bevans
Emma Hambler
Philippa Bevans was:
Jerry Jarrett
(as Jerry Jerrett)
Jerry Jarrett was:
Jane Buchanan
Lillian Kafritz
Jane Buchanan was:
Peter Turgeon
Orchestra Member
Peter Turgeon was:
William Hinnant
William Hinnant was:
Colin Romoff
Colin Romoff was:
William LeMassena
(as William Le Massena)
William LeMassena was:
Claudia Morgan
Drunk Woman at Christmas Party
Claudia Morgan was:
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