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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Release Date: 2011-11-04 (9 years ago)
John Cho
Harold Lee
John Cho was:
Kal Penn
Kumar Patel
Kal Penn was:
Paula Garcés
Paula Garcés was:
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris was:
Elias Koteas
Sergie Katsov
Elias Koteas was:
Danneel Ackles
Vanessa Fanning
Danneel Ackles was:
Thomas Lennon
Thomas Lennon was:
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson was:
Danny Trejo
Mr. Perez
Danny Trejo was:
Isabella Gielniak
Isabella Gielniak was:
Austin Bickel
Kid in Line
Austin Bickel was:
Inga R. Wilson
Mom in Line
Inga R. Wilson was:
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Eddie Kaye Thomas was:
David Krumholtz
Seth Goldstein
David Krumholtz was:
Brett Gelman
T.V. Director
Brett Gelman was:
Patton Oswalt
Mall Santa
Patton Oswalt was:
Eric Kissack
Wafflebot (voice)
Eric Kissack was:
Amir Blumenfeld
Amir Blumenfeld was:
Bobby Lee
Kenneth Park
Bobby Lee was:
Esteban Andres Cruz
Pepe Perez
Esteban Andres Cruz was:
Dana DeLorenzo
Becca the P.A.
Dana DeLorenzo was:
Dan Levy
Dan Levy was:
David Burtka
David Burtka
David Burtka was:
Gareth Reynolds
Heaven's Bartender
Gareth Reynolds was:
Richard Riehle
Santa Claus
Richard Riehle was:
Bennett Saltzman
Bennett Saltzman was:
Melissa Ordway
Melissa Ordway was:
Jordan Danger
Mary (as Jordan Hinson)
Jordan Danger was:
Chernise Yvette
Topless Angel (as Chernise Yvette Taylor)
Chernise Yvette was:
Cassie Keller
Topless Angel
Cassie Keller was:
RZA was:
Dan Levy
Dan Levy was:
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