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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1998-03-06 (23 years ago)
Paul Newman
Harry Ross
Paul Newman was:
Susan Sarandon
Catherine Ames
Susan Sarandon was:
Gene Hackman
Jack Ames
Gene Hackman was:
Reese Witherspoon
Mel Ames
Reese Witherspoon was:
Stockard Channing
Lt. Verna Hollander
Stockard Channing was:
James Garner
Raymond Hope
James Garner was:
Giancarlo Esposito
Reuben Escobar
Giancarlo Esposito was:
Liev Schreiber
Jeff Willis
Liev Schreiber was:
Margo Martindale
Gloria Lamar
Margo Martindale was:
John Spencer
Capt. Phil Egan
John Spencer was:
M. Emmet Walsh
Lester Ivar
M. Emmet Walsh was:
Peter Gregory
Verna's Partner
Peter Gregory was:
Rene Mujica
Mexican Bartender
Rene Mujica was:
Jason Clarke
Young Cop #1
Jason Clarke was:
Patrick Malone
Younger Cop
Patrick Malone was:
Lewis Arquette
Water Pistol Man
Lewis Arquette was:
Michael Brockman
Garvey's Bartender
Michael Brockman was:
April Grace
Police Stenographer
April Grace was:
Clint Howard
EMS Worker
Clint Howard was:
John Cappon
John Cappon was:
Neil Mather
Young Cop #2
Neil Mather was:
Ron Sanchez
Crime Scene Detective
Ron Sanchez was:
Jack Wallace
Interrogation Officer
Jack Wallace was:
Jeff Joy
Jeff Joy was:
Jonathan Scarfe
Jonathan Scarfe was:
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