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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Sting

The Sting

Release Date: 1973-12-25 (47 years ago)
Paul Newman
Henry Gondorff
Paul Newman was:
Robert Redford
Johnny Hooker
Robert Redford was:
Robert Shaw
Doyle Lonnegan
Robert Shaw was:
Charles Durning
Lt. Wm. Snyder
Charles Durning was:
Ray Walston
J.J. Singleton
Ray Walston was:
Eileen Brennan
Eileen Brennan was:
Harold Gould
Kid Twist
Harold Gould was:
John Heffernan
Eddie Niles
John Heffernan was:
Dana Elcar
F.B.I. Agent Polk
Dana Elcar was:
Jack Kehoe
Erie Kid
Jack Kehoe was:
Dimitra Arliss
Dimitra Arliss was:
Robert Earl Jones
Luther Coleman
Robert Earl Jones was:
James Sloyan
James Sloyan was:
Charles Dierkop
Floyd (Bodyguard)
Charles Dierkop was:
Lee Paul
Lee Paul was:
Sally Kirkland
Sally Kirkland was:
Avon Long
Benny Garfield
Avon Long was:
Arch Johnson
Arch Johnson was:
Ed Bakey
Ed Bakey was:
Brad Sullivan
Brad Sullivan was:
John Quade
John Quade was:
Larry D. Mann
Train Conductor
Larry D. Mann was:
Leonard Barr
Burlesque House Comedian
Leonard Barr was:
Paulene Myers
Alva Coleman
Paulene Myers was:
Joe Tornatore
Black Gloved Gunman
Joe Tornatore was:
Jack Collins
Duke Boudreau
Jack Collins was:
Tom Spratley
Curly Jackson
Tom Spratley was:
Kenneth O'Brien
Kenneth O'Brien was:
Ken Sansom
Western Union Executive
Ken Sansom was:
Louise Coleman
Ta-Tanisha was:
William Benedict
Roulette Dealer
William Benedict was:
Robert Brubaker
Bill Clayton from Pittsburgh (uncredited)
Robert Brubaker was:
Kathleen Freeman
Kid Twist's Wife (uncredited)
Kathleen Freeman was:
Susan French
Landlady (uncredited)
Susan French was:
Bruce Kimball
Lacey the Bouncer (uncredited)
Bruce Kimball was:
Alexander Lockwood
Landlord (uncredited)
Alexander Lockwood was:
Chuck Morrell
FBI Agent Chuck (uncredited)
Chuck Morrell was:
Byron Morrow
Mr. Jameson from Chicago (uncredited)
Byron Morrow was:
Pearl Shear
Lady in Phone Booth (uncredited)
Pearl Shear was:
Arthur Tovey
Bank Officer (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey was:
Guy Way
Gambling Den Boss (uncredited)
Guy Way was:
Jim Michael
Bartender (uncredited)
Jim Michael was:
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