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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Slap Shot

Slap Shot

Release Date: 1977-02-25 (44 years ago)
Paul Newman
Reggie 'Reg' Dunlop
Paul Newman was:
Strother Martin
Joe McGrath
Strother Martin was:
Michael Ontkean
Ned Braden
Michael Ontkean was:
Jennifer Warren
Francine Dunlop
Jennifer Warren was:
Lindsay Crouse
Lily Braden
Lindsay Crouse was:
Jerry Houser
Dave 'Killer' Carlson
Jerry Houser was:
Andrew Duncan
Jim Carr
Andrew Duncan was:
Jeff Carlson
Jeff Hanson
Jeff Carlson was:
Steve Carlson
Steve Hanson
Steve Carlson was:
David Hanson
Jack Hanson
David Hanson was:
Yvon Barrette
Denis Lemieux
Yvon Barrette was:
Allan F. Nicholls
Johnny Upton
Allan F. Nicholls was:
Brad Sullivan
Morris 'Mo' Wanchuk
Brad Sullivan was:
Stephen Mendillo
Jim Ahern
Stephen Mendillo was:
Yvan Ponton
Jean-Guy Drouin
Yvan Ponton was:
Matthew Cowles
Charlie Kischel
Matthew Cowles was:
Kathryn Walker
Anita McCambridge
Kathryn Walker was:
Melinda Dillon
Suzanne Hanrahan
Melinda Dillon was:
M. Emmet Walsh
Dickie Dunn
M. Emmet Walsh was:
Swoosie Kurtz
Shirley Upton
Swoosie Kurtz was:
Paul D'Amato
Tim McCracken
Paul D'Amato was:
Ronald L. Docken
Ronald L. Docken was:
Guido Tenesi
Billy Charlebois
Guido Tenesi was:
Jean Rosario Tetreault
Jean Rosario Tetreault was:
Christopher Murney
Christopher Murney was:
Myron Odegaard
Final Game Referee
Myron Odegaard was:
Ned Dowd
Ned Dowd was:
Gracie Head
Gracie Head was:
Nancy N. Dowd
Nancy N. Dowd was:
Larry Block
Peterboro Referee
Larry Block was:
Paul Dooley
Hyannisport Announcer
Paul Dooley was:
Susan Kendall Newman
Pharmacist (uncredited)
Susan Kendall Newman was:
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